Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish

I love Nail Polish! I have the whole Barry M collection. But whilst on an early morning brows around Boots I came across the cutest nail polish I have ever seen and had to buy it! (I am on a shopping ban, but had points on my advantage card so it doesn't count, Right?)

Max Factor's Max Effect Mini Nail Polish. Its sooo cute in its mini bottle and with its mini brush! The price isn't quite as cute though. The mini's retail in Boots for £3.99. Yes, that's right £3.99!!! (You can can a full size of most nail polish for that amount!).

Compared to a full size Nails Inc polish its tiny!

The range of colours that Max Factor do is amazing! They are very bright and vibrant and very on tread for autumn. But that's really where the 'pros' of this polish ends.

I had to use three coats to get an thick, even coverage. And although the polish dried very quickly I found it very watery and runny. I also found that it is not very durable. I painted my nails when I got to work at around 8.30AM and by 14.30 (now) it has started to wear on the tips of my nails.

I think I'll stick to my Barry M's for a little while longer!

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