Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tesco Vs Asda SS12

SS12 is now fully upon us and I though why not give you lovelies a look at my favourite pieces from my favourite brands!

First up is supermarket brands George and F& F (Asda and Tesco)

This lovely lot is from the Tesco from both the standard range, F&F, and the True range.

Pussy bow block colour shirt - £14
Black dipped back tunic - £10
Stripe jumper - £14
Block colour cross body bag - £10
True Butterfly print shirt - £18
Block hem dress - £16
True Butterfly print dress - £18

The standard range size up to a size 22 in most items. The true range sizes from a 16 - 28. The standard sizes are pretty generous and I can easily fit in to a size 22.

The next items are from George at Asda.

G21 Scallop trim cardi - £15
Spotty body con skirt - £12
Block colour tunic - £12
Stripy Tee  - £6
Cape Sweater - £14
Pinstripe Blazer - £20
Block colour shoes - £7

The standard range sizes up to a 24 and the G21 range goes up to a size 20.

As stated in an older post I absolutely love supermarket brands. They provide some of the best basic and wardrobe essentials at a price that everyone can afford!

My wardrobe is always full of items from both brands!



My reasons for entering

OK. Short and sweet! I have entered the Company Magazines Casting call for River Island as I am fed up of magazines presuming that only readers up to a size 18 want to enter modelling competitions!

Why not do a casting call for some where like Dorothy Perkins, or Next or even Monsoon! As least some of us plus size ladies can buy clothes that fit from these retailers.

What annoys me even more is that Company Magazine have stated that if someone over a size 18 gets on the shortlist they will FIND something for them to wear! Which obviously means something that is supposed to be loose or baggy for a 'normal' size person! Jumpers and leggings anyone?!?!?!?

I am under no grand illusions that I will be on the short list, some of the plus sizes girls that have entered are absolutely stunning! But it would be nice if we were actually considered for a change! To be honest If it was for somewhere where I could buy clothes from I wouldn't enter any way because an in-between posing as a 'plus size' model, regardless of beauty, will always win!

So here's the call out to ALL, please vote for use!

It would be absolutely amazing if at least one of us plus sizers can get to the short list!

The links are below

Em (BoomBands) I highly recommend you read this post!!

Rosie (rosieroundface)

Kathryn (Kathroooon)

Mhairi (Lilybobomb)



And finally MEEEEEE, Toni (plussized22)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sarenza Competition - Go to Shoes!

One thing I always put to the bottom of my shopping list is shoes!

I find it so difficult to find shoes that fit correctly and feel comfortable at the same time!

Being on the short side I love wearing heels! But heels don't always love me wearing them!

Thank god for wedges! Wedges are always my go to shoes! They are my saviour! They give me the added height that I am looking for, as well as comfort and style! And it looks as though they are going to be a SS12 staple again! Yey!

And Serenza have half sizes too!

Whether it's wedges suitable for work...

Summer nights

Or all out glam

There is definitely a wedge out there for you!



PS. If you fancy entering Sarenza's amazing competition click here!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Holiday 2012

If you follow me on twitter you will no doubt have noticed that I am not in a very good place at the moment. I have been signed off work with Stress and exhaustion. I have suffered with mental illness since  I was about 15 and have been on and off medication ever since. I have no idea what my 'triggers' are, but recently I can't sleep properly and am generally a horrid person to be around! All my days seem to be bad and at the moment can't see any light. I have upped my meds so hopefully will be more like 'me' again soon!

One thing that is keeping me going is my holiday! 15 weeks today I will be in the Turkish sun, with my bestest friend in the whole world without a care in the world! The boy won't fly so I generally ending going on holidays with family or friends. I think it also does us both good to have a bit of away time from each other, absence makes the heart go fonder and all that!

I have been to Turkey a number of time, I think this my 5th or 6th visit, and to be honest, I can't think of a more beautiful, serene, idilic country to visit. I try and vary the countries that I visit, I even worked on the Canary Islands for a winter season, but I am always pulled back to Turkey!

Babadağ Mountain, Hisaronu, Fethiye

I generally visit the area of Hisaronu. Its located on the Aegean Coast and some of the scenery is literally breath taking. Hisaronu has a bit of something for everyone. It can be peaceful, relaxing and quite, or upbeat and vibrant with loads of bars and restaurants. Its is also a shoppers paradise! I know a lot of people don't like fakes, but the quality of some items are amazing! You must be prepared to barter though. If you don't you will most definitely get ripped of! 

This year I am  going to the more lively resort of Marmaris. I have never been to Marmaris and to be honest i'm kinda scared! The last thing I want on my holidays is groups full of pissed up teenagers! 

The hotel is off the main strip so it should be relatively quite!

I am staying at the Green Nature Resort and Spa, and from the reviews I have read and people who I know that have stayed here it's amazing! Although it varies from site to site this hotel is generally classed as a 4*! I can't wait!

Are you going on holiday anywhere this year? Have you been to Turkey? Did you like it?



Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Perfect Plus Size Jeans Part 2

The second pair of jeans I have to review is from the fabulous Simply Be!

When I approached Simply Be I was pretty open to the type of jeans I was looking for. The first pair that I received were the Eve bootcut jeans in vintage blue.

Eve Bootcut Jeans £35


  • Excellent fit around the waist with no gaping.
  • Perfect length for wearing with flats (these are the 29inch leg). I am just over 5'1 and once I had my flats on they were about 2cm off the ground.
  • The material is quite stretchy and not as thick as some denim.
  • They wash really well. There was no 'working them in' when I put them back on after being washed.
  • They are Über comfy!

  • Baggy bum!!!!! I was seriously glad that I was wearing a long jumper with these jeans! I ended up having to roll them up at the waist.
  • I wouldn't be able to wear this length jeans with heels or wedges.
  • I had blue/black legs from the dye after the first wear!!!

For £35 these jeans are a wardrobe staple! I can live with the fact that the only down fall is a baggy bum (I will just have to remember to wear longer tops!) I will definitely be purchasing these Jeans in a longer length so I can wear them with heels.

Definitely a 8 out of 10! 



Monday, 16 January 2012


I love eBay! I am a sucker for a Bargain and it feeds my love for Next clothes!

I have had a look this morning and here are some of my favourite items from Next on eBay at the moment!

Black and Silver 50's Hepburn Dresss - Size 22. Its is currently at £24.99 and has 6 days left at auction.
Flamingo Print Dress - Size 22. Currently at £3 and has 5days left.

Grey Flamingo top - Size 24. Currently at £6.95 and end on Thursday
Pink and Grey Tea Dress - Size 24. Buy it Now £21.99. Listed for 23 days but only a few available.

Multi print Maxi - Size 26 (also available in size 24 and 28). Buy it Now £18.99. Listed for 20 days but limited stock.
Blazer - Size 26. Buy It Now £16.99. 18 days left.

And finally, a really nice Summer Dress from ASOS! I think I am going to watch this for my holidays as I looks beautiful!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lusting after SS12

Just a quickie to show you some of my picks for SS12!

I could have picked sooooooo many other things but these are my faves! I am really poor at the moment but hopefully things are about to change and I'll be able to afford some of these in the near future!

Simply Be Ankle Grazer Trousers £31.50
 I luuuuurve these trousers. They would look lush with wedges, heels and sandals.with a floaty top they would make a perfect summers evening outfit!

Joe Browns @Simply Be maxi dress £50
This Maxi is soooo cute! I would proberly wear this as a beach dress over swimwear! I love the colour!

Yoek Pullover jumper 219€
This pullover is right up my street! Maybe not white, maybe not the price but the style looks amazing!

Yoek Frill Dress 175€

Once again out of my price range but i realllllly want this dress! I may have to find more affordable version of it!

Eloquii - $108
This dress would be my every season dress! During the winter it would look fabulous with tights, heels and a jacket and during the summer i would wear it with flat sandals and bare arms.

17Sunday Complant department beach Dress - $89.95AUD
 Its got pockets! Its got sleeves! It loose fitting! The colour is amazing! The price is reasonable, although I didn't look at international shipping! MY IDEAL DRESS!

17Sunday Flock of Angels $59.95AUD
 I am totally in love with 17Sunday at the moment! I cant wait to order from them! These are just two of the amzing peices that they have!

Evans Expadrille Wedges £39.50
 I wanted these Wedges so much last year but never got around to buying them! I am holidaying early this year, April, So hopefully I will be able to pick them up! Wedges are in this year as well!!!

I am hoping to find some really nice swimwear this year but at the moment its proving difficult!

What are your favourite peices for SS12?



Monday, 9 January 2012

The Perfect Plus Size Jeans Part 1

If you follow me on twitter you will have no doubt seen my tweets about finding the perfect pair of plus size jeans!

I have struggled with years for jeans. They just never seem to fit, well, perfect!

I love, and wear all, styles of jeans. I tend to stick to boyfriend and skinnies for casual wear with boots (Uggs) or flats, and wear flared/boot cut/wide legged jeans to dress up and wear wedges or heels with!

my must for jeans include

  • The correct rise - not high waisted, not low rise, but just in-between! I do not want a builders bum and if i wanted high waisted jeans I would buy them!
  • Fitted in the right places - Baggy bums are for loose fit or boyfriend jeans not skinnys.
  • Waist - One of my pet hates is gaping jeans. I have even used safety pins to pull my jeans in to stop them gaping at the back.
  • Length - been a short arse i find length of jeans difficult to fathom! I am just over 5'1, but find that petite jeans are generally too short, but I also find most regular jeans are too long! And I hate the shorten jeans, they just don't look right!
The first pair of jeans I have to review is the WOW Slim Leg Jeans (30ins leg) from Marisota. 

To be honest I wouldn't normally shop at Marisota, but they have some wonderful basics and, until I was contacted by Marisota, I was unaware that they were a sister company of Simply Be.

The blurb on the website

Designed to give you a perfect fit and unbelievable comfort. Special features include a non-stretch front panel to flatten your tummy, adjustable hidden elastic to pull-in your back waistband, specially shaped back pockets, yoke and darts to create a perkier looking bottom.

I once again apologise for the complete state of the picture but my camera is MIA and I can't afford a new one at present!

  • Available in a range of length. These are the 30ins leg and to wear with flats they where just about spot on.
  • No gaping at the back due to the hidden elastication in the waist band.
  • They do slightly flatten your stomach (much like hold in pants do)
  • The darts and shape of the pockets on the bum do give an appearance of being 'perkier', but they felt odd as I am not used to pockets to the side.

  • The zip kept falling down, and to say it annoyed me is a slight understatement! 
  • The sizing were slightly small. I am a pretty true to size size 22 and in all honestly could have properly done with a size bigger.
  • Once the jeans have been washed they are very stiff but once they have been on an hour or so they become looser.
  • The rise on the jeans is quite high. They actually sat on my belly button! 
  • I would say these jeans are more like skinny jeans that slim fit jeans.

Overall I liked these jeans. They are affordable (£42), look good, and wash pretty well too! I would definitely purchase another pair of these jeans in another style.

I would give these jeans a 6.5 out of 10.


PS. Would you like to see anything else mentioned in my reviews? Do you have any suggestions of what other jeans I should review?

Although I was gifted these jeans from Marisota, all opinions are my own and in no way where they influenced by any 3rd party.

Friday, 6 January 2012

And the winner is.........

First of all I have to say a massive thank you to everyone who entered and everyone who has started following me as a result of the lil' giveaway! I now have 37 followers! YEY!

I was going to use to pick a winner but for the life of me could not get it to work. So I resorted in to the good old fashioned way of picking a name out of the hat(or big in this case!)

And the winner is !

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


This post is for my lovely friend @plasticman22!

The dress is from the M&S plus range (up to size 28) and at £35 its and absolute steal! It can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with tights and knee boots!

The boots are from an American company called BareFootTess (link is to the boots), who specialise in large size womans shoes!

The final peice of the outfit is a Mac from Simply Be. I still love them and hope Jane will love this Mac, and the outfit, too!

Dress - £35 Marks and Spencer.
Mac - £65 Simply Be
Boots - £127.22 (converted from $199.99)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Little Blog Give Away!

Hello my lovelies! Hope we you are all well and are looking forward to 2012!

A few weeks ago, well properly a month or more, I promised a give away once I got to 20 followers! I now have (22 GFC and 6 on Bloglovin). I know its not a lot in the grand scheme of things but its more than I ever thought I would get!

My give away Ist much so please don't get excited! Its just a few of my favourite things!

The give away includes Trevor Sorbet Beautiful Volume Booster,  Vaseline Creme Bruelle for lips, 2 x models own File it/Buff it nail files, as well as a polish in the colour of your choice from the Models Own range.

To enter all you need to do is follow me on GFC or Bloglovin and leave me a message on this post with your email address.

For an extra entry follow me on twitter (@plussized22) and tweet me to let me know you have entered!


closing date for all entries is midday Friday 6th January. Winner will be picked at random and contacted by email in the afternoon!