Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's Chriiiiiiiissssstmaaaaassssssssss

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all well!

Just a quick post to wish you all a very very very Merry Christmas and a fabulous new year!

I was very prepared this year and got the majority of my shopping done and wrapped by the beginning of December. Since then I have bought additional presents and changed presents and managed to spend a small fortune on spoiling people (mainly the children of the family!)! I also bought my self an expensive handbag, a new purse and some new make up!

I am sooooo glad Christmas is once a year!

I would also like to take a moment to thank you all for following my blog! When I started blogging I had no idea that I would enjoy it as much as I do and that I meet (via twitter) some amazing people that I now call my friends. I really humbles me that people take time to read my blog!

Next year is looking very good already! I will be attending my first bloggers meet, I have had a good response from a few companies regarding my quest to find the perfect plus size jeans, I have a holiday with my best friend to look forward too and the likelihood of a promotion at work is looking like a certainty!

Once again I wish you all a happy happy Christmas! I hope you have all been good this year so Santa bring you what you wished for!!!

Until next time....


PS. My next blog will include a giveaway!!! super excited!

Monday, 12 December 2011

My favourite Bra

This is THE comfiest bra I have ever owned.

£22. Miliarosa from Simply Be

Purchased from Simply Be, this Miliarosa bra is everything I need! Its seem free, ridiculously soft and comfy and makes my boobs look amazing! (even if I say so myself!) 

I have just order two more of these bra's, another in skin tone and one in graphite! 

Just amazing!

Thats all I have to say.


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Ohhhhh George!

I must admit that Asda is one of my favourite places in the whole world! (to be honest, I love Tesco too!) I can quite happily spend hours wondering around! I have been know to spend upwards of 3 hours in my local Asda, albeit with a very frustrated boyfriend at home.

I love George! From their jeans and jumpers to bra's and sock, as well as everything in between! 

A few years ago we had an actual George shop in Leeds City Centre. I was devastated when it closed down and moved to crown point!

My latest purchases from George are two lush jumpers from the G21 range. The G21 range is somewhat more on trend compared to the normal range. G21 only go up to a size 20. The sizes are generous in tops and dresses, but i tend to stay away from the trousers skirts as they are often 'oddly' sized. 

(apologies for the pics! I took them myself on a self timer. Still getting used to it!!!)

Purple and sequinned Star jumper dress - £16

G21 star jumper - £15

They have lots and lots of yummy tops and dresses that I want.... Pay day can't come quick enough!!

Row 1. Stripy knitted jumper - G21 (£16), Playsuit - G21 (£14), Printed Dress - £14.
 Row 2. Grey Star jumper - G21 (£15), Black ponte flare dress £16

Have you bought from supermarket brands before? What did you think? Would you buy from them again?


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Range.

As part of my birthday box my mum bought me some Extra Virgin Mineral foundation and powder from the new range at The Body Shop. As I have stated in a previous post, I am generally not a fan of foundations as the often leave me with break outs.

This foundation is really special. I have worn it for over a week and haven't had any breakouts. Its gives a really even and smooth finish. It looks really nice dewy and fresh look and feels really light. It feels like a tinted moisturiser or BB cream but with a fuller coverage.

The Foundation - Extra Virgin Mineral Liquid Foundation - £14

The infomation from The Body Shop website is:

This liquid mineral foundation is a unique combination of pure minerals and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. It provides light to medium, ultra-blendable coverage with an immaculate, dewy finish.

It is also fragrance and paraben free and contains SPF 20.

The Powder - Extra Virgin Mineral Loose Powder Foundation - £15

The information from The Body Shop website is:

This featherlight powder base gives a radiant, natural-looking finish and can be built up for extra coverage. It is non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Buildable coverage
  • Radiant finish
  • Covers imperfections and fine lines
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Contains SPF 25
I am forever on the hunt for the perfect loose powder. I have tried just about every brand under the sun. This is one of the best powders I have used. I have used it with the mineral liquid foundation and with my normal BB cream, and with both its gives a good matt finish without making your overall look dull. The pot of mineral powder is very small and I imagine if I use it every day it won't last very long.

Excuse the half asleep look, I was actually still half asleep. No make up.

Just the foundation and powder.

My full work face for today.

The only down side that I found with this foundation is that you need to put it on with your fingers. I used it with my foundation brush for the first application and it left my skin feel really sticky and heavy and it looked really shiny. I think that it is ultimately because you end up using far too much foundation. When I used my fingers to blend I used a lot less.

Overall I would recommend both products. The Body Shop also have a pressed powder in the Extra Virgin Mineral range.

My 'work face' today is - The Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral liquid Powder and loose powder. Benefit Bad Girl Lashes mascara and Vaseline intensive care lip balm with a hint of pink.

(Please excuse the poor iphone pictures. I can't find my camera!!! Arghhhhhhh!)

*No products where supplied to me by The Body Shop. All opinions are my own. I have not received any payment for this review.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


My Favourite shoes at the moment. I live in flats!

Shoes - £10 George @Asda!

If thats all you have to say...

Today someone called me fat. As if I haven't heard it a million times before..... 

Unusually for me I had a very quick response.....

Person 1 : Oh I didn't realise you were fat!

Me : Well if thats the only negative thing you have to say about me I guess I am doing something right! 

The rest of my team at work just bust in to fits of laughter......It takes a lot to embarrass me!!!!


Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Wish List Part 2

This Part of of my Christmas Wish List is far more realistic. Everything but the printer has gone on my Christmas list (it did initially but my boyf says that I am not allowed a printer for Christmas!!)

I still haven't mastered how to put numbers next to pictures so its top to bottom, left to right again.

1. Leopard print flats - £20
2. Home Sweet Home Polka Dot Sewing machine - BHS £50
3. HP Photosmart 5510 All-in-one printer - £89.95
4. Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip gloss - £14
5. Bobbi Brown Warm Eye Palette - £39
6. True Blood season 1-3 Blue Ray - £48.99
7. Grey Leopard Print Faux Fur Hood - River Island £32
8. Mac Shape and Perfect Brushes - £39.50
9. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder - £26

What are your wishes for Christmas?


Sunday, 20 November 2011

OOTD - Breaking Dawn Part1

On Friday my lovely sister treated me to an early birthday present by taking me out for lunch at Cafe Rouge and taking to see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 and as promised here is my first OOTD post. 

I much as I am now learning to accept my body and myself I still don't love having my photo taken. 
I know this isn't the best picture, but it's the best of a bad bunch!

Star top - So Fabulous from Very
Jeggins and bag - Next (old)
Coat and flats - George at Asda 

I will get better at these kinds of posts I promise!


Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas Wish List Part 1

I am going to be realistic and admit that I know I won't get everything on my wish list and will probably end up buying most of the items myself, especially the clothes and make up. Plus this part of my wish list alone comes to over £1000!!

I still can't master putting numbers against pictures (it took me hours to work out how to do college's in Picasa!! any help here would be greatly appreciated!) I am going to list top to bottom, Left to right (if that makes sense!).

1. Nikon 1 J1 Digital Camera - £499
2. Black Sparkle Star Jumper - £28
3. Black Jeggings - Ponteroma Fly Leggings. £27
4. Purple Top - £19.50
5. Stripy Jumper - £28
6. 100 Year Diary - £25
7. Pink Orchid Limited Edition GHD's - £129
8. Models Own Eye Gift Set - £15
9.Tan Sludge Long Boots - £85
10. D & G Iphone Cover - £90
11. Paul's Boutique Bag - £70
12. Links of London Sweetie Bracelet - £130
13. Links of London Sweetie Drop Necklace -  £215

See you soon!

Style Steal - Mad Men

I am loving the Mad Men style at the moment. Especially Christina Hendricks.Voted as Esquire's Sexiest Woman in the World 2010 Christina is known as a plus size model/actress (but I think she is more an inbetweenie, if not a straight size. She is rumoured to be a size 16) Her Stats are 40-32-40 and at standing at 5'8 makes her a perfect hourglass shape. Having been hailed the "new modern ideal of Hollywood glamour" for her full figured, voluptuous and curvy body is Christina Hicks more like the role model that young girls should aspire to be?

Here my picks of "Mad Men" styles...

Anna Scholz Black Velore Dress £70 @ Simply Be

Simple Be Bespoke LBD £70

Simply Be Bespoke Ultimate City Dress £55
I also love this. It give an amazing silouette is very comfortable compaired to some shapewear.

Naturally Closer Shapewear @ Simply Be £30


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sarah Millican's Guide to Surviving a Family Christmas

Sarah Millican is fast becoming one of my favourite stand up comics. She is funny, witty, down to earth and surprisingly honest.

I found this in this months Glamour magazine had to share it... I was laughing out loud reading it!

12 Steps to Surviving a Family Christmas.

1. Very early on, cultivate a reputation for being a terrible cook. Then you'll just be put in charge of the serviettes. Someone else will slave over the cooker for five hours, while you'll make six paper swans and be a hit.

2. If you're visiting family, wait outside in the car until you can smell gravy.

3. Always check with parents about what's an appropriate present for their child. I don't have kids and sought advise from a friend on what to buy a baby girl. She said "Something she can grown into." I bought her a bra.

4. Go to the toilet in pairs. If you are left alone with you bloke's family, the "why aren't you married yet?' questions start. And judging by the volume you drank last year, that's a lot of questions.

5.Always take a cardigan, as it's rude to tell people to turn up the heating. (the opposite is the case with my family. We usually end up sitting in string vests.)

6. Watch award ceremonies to help you lie when opening presents. But clapping at you new socks and saying ' well done, Kate Winslet' will give the game away.

7. Make you parents argue one Christmas - you might end up having two Christmas dinners the following year.

8. If your not an arguing family, put Eastenders on and join in.

9. Take you time over opening presents. Unless there is children in the family, the whole thing will be over in four minutes.

10.Join in with activities but remember you're with blood relations. I always sit Oops Upside Your Head out; it feels wrong to be vaginally close to family members.

11. Plan you escape; always have arrangements for the evening. its amazing how many pantos you can see if you're willing to drive for a 30 mile radius. We travel to where the Daleks are appearing. they make my fella more happy than i ever could!

12. But most of all, remember that it is spending time with you that makes your family happy, not necessarily what you bring. Unless you come to my house - I love presents.

You can find more information, tour dates and a blog from Sarah at:

You can also follow Sarah on Twitter;

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish

I love Nail Polish! I have the whole Barry M collection. But whilst on an early morning brows around Boots I came across the cutest nail polish I have ever seen and had to buy it! (I am on a shopping ban, but had points on my advantage card so it doesn't count, Right?)

Max Factor's Max Effect Mini Nail Polish. Its sooo cute in its mini bottle and with its mini brush! The price isn't quite as cute though. The mini's retail in Boots for £3.99. Yes, that's right £3.99!!! (You can can a full size of most nail polish for that amount!).

Compared to a full size Nails Inc polish its tiny!

The range of colours that Max Factor do is amazing! They are very bright and vibrant and very on tread for autumn. But that's really where the 'pros' of this polish ends.

I had to use three coats to get an thick, even coverage. And although the polish dried very quickly I found it very watery and runny. I also found that it is not very durable. I painted my nails when I got to work at around 8.30AM and by 14.30 (now) it has started to wear on the tips of my nails.

I think I'll stick to my Barry M's for a little while longer!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Friendship Bracelets

How lush are these friendship bracelets?

I bought one for myself and and my best friend, Carly. We have been best friends all our life (our mothers are friends), and we have never fallen out once. In fact, I don't think we have ever even argued!!!

We don't often buy each other gifts, but I saw these on LilyLovesLola blog and knew I had to buy them!

They are super cute, come in a range of colours and different charms, and don't cost the earth!!!

I ordered on Wednesday and received them today!

I will be buying lots more from this website! 

You can find these, and many more hand made items at lilyloveslola and clicking the shop tab. Or by going directly to either of Victoria's shops. or

Thank you, Victoria!

BB Creams

I have never really been a fan foundations. I find them very heavy and thick, and regardless of which brand I generally they always bring out in spots, so I use a tinted moisturiser.
Then I discovered BB Creams.

BB Creams, or blemish Balm as they are also known, provide a foundation like, natural coverage that doesn't block pores whilst concealing pigmentation's, discolouration and redness. BB Creams can be worn alone or as a base for further products. Worn alone they give a natural, dewy, barely there look. Whilst when worn with other products they provide a bright, primer like base that holds powders and foundations for hours without slipping.

Originating in Germany in the last 50ies, primarily for patients which has undergone chemical face peel to soothe and protect skin, as well as reduce redness, it was quickly picked up by the South Korean beauty industry. Widely used by the South Korean actresses to enhance their naturally flawless skin it wasn't until Song Hye-Kyo (pictured below) revealed the 'secret' to South Korean's natural beauty that people started to take notice.

At present BB cream sales make up 13% of the South Korean mass market for beauty products.

I have started using Garniers Miracle Skin Protector Daily All-in-One BB Cream (and breath, longest title ever?!?). Garnier claim that the 'sensation of the light texture will melt in to my skin, that the formula with mineral pigments will give me a 'perfect' skin look, resulting in sheer coverage, blurred imperfections, illuminated skin and softer looking lines. And as miracles go, it does exactly what it says on the bottle!

I suffer mild bouts of acne (I'm 26!!!) and as a result have some discolouration and pigmentation on my chin and it conceals it wonderfully. I also seem to be getting fewer and fewer break outs since i started using it. It feels lighter than any foundation or tinted moisturiser that I have ever used and stays in place all day. It matches my skin tone, so gives that 'no make-up' natural look whilst at the same time brightening my skin! (the picture isn't great i know, but shows the natural effect the Garnier BB cream gives.)

Garnier is one of the cheaper BB creams available at the moment, retailing at £9.99. Once this tube is finished I am going to try the Mac Prep + Prime BB cream.

I think BB creams are now my new best friend!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


OK I'll be honest. I tend to stick to colours that I know suit me. I love natural earthy colours and I love back. I wear something black to work every day. Whether it is a cardie, trousers, tights or a top. I feel good in black. I have occasional days when I moan to my boyfriend that I am feed up of wearing black and buy something in a different colour and then it lives in my wardrobe for the rest of eternity! However, I have seen some lovely pieces that I really want. Especially as its coming up to my birthday and Christmas and I'll be going more nights out in November and December then I have done in the whole of the rest of the year.

Evans £29.50

Simply Be £47

Evans £39.50
I love these Shoes from Next. They come in black and red in standard and wide fit. For £30 they are an absolute bargain. Next wide fit shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  

If, like me, all out colour is too much adding coloured accessories is definately a must.

Evans £6 available in a range of colours £3.75 hand knitted scarf from £18

These scarfs look lush! I can't wait to get paid so I can buy one! I am going to get the bright Pink one. Delivery can take up to 4 weeks but they hand made so I can cope with waiting that long. Below are the colours that are available. They start at £18 and increase in price depending on the length of scarf you want.
Colours available

See you soon  xxxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I have an addiction to boots. Well, to footwear in general, but boots are by favourite type of footwear. Over the years I have struggled to find boots to fit my man sized calf's and always ended up disappointed that all my friends could wear  lovely boots and I wasn't able to :-(

Nowadays, its much easier for us 'wide calf' girls to find decent, fashionable boots in varying calf and width fittings. The most obvious choice for wide fitting boots is Evans. In the past I found that the fitting of Evans boots wasn't every good, but over that last couple of years this has drastically improved. As well as having a good fit I find the quality of Evans boots is exceptional.

Here are my favourite boots at Evans at the moment

Available in Brown and Black and in Extra wide (EEE) fit. £79.50



Available in Black and Tan and in extra wide (EEE) fit. £89.50
Click here to see Evans Footwear size guide.

Next also have a good range of boots. They accommodate standard, wide and extra wide calf's.  Next also do a good range of wide fitting shoes. I do tend to find that if I buy Next wide fit shoes I have to get a size smaller, size 5 instead of size 6. I also find that the next range is more fashionable. They also have a lot more choice of 'going out' boots.

available in Tan, brown and Black and standard, wide and extra wide fitting. £85



 Click here to see Next's footwear size guide

Now to Viva La Diva. If you didn't know Viva La Diva is a partner company to Simply Be. Viva La Diva have some amazing shoes (and handbags). They hold a lot of designer brands from Ugg's to Rocket Dogs to WedgeWelly. Some brands are ridiculous expensive for what you are paying for and some are very reasonably priced. The range of wide calf boots isn't very extensive, and some of the boots are very old ladyish. My previous purchases from Viva La Diva have included ankle boots or shoes, but i have managed to find some wider calf boots.

Legroom Boots available in Standard, wide (E) and Extra wide (EEE). £85

Rocket Dog cowboy style boots. £54.99

Ugg Clovis. £200

Wedgewellys. LOVE THEM. The circumference around the calf goes up to 15inch, with an adjustable strap, but have managed to get my 17inch calf's in to them. I also love that these wellies are so glamorous. I hate with a passion the multicoloured, patterned, love heart print wellies!!! These are definitely wellies to go 'glamping' in!
Wedgewelly. £45
I also love the short Hunter wellies. And as I love pink they are perfect for me. I don't own a pair of Hunters at the moment but my sister does. She has both standard and short length. She told me that the standard wellies don't have a very big calf circumference but they are uber comfortable. The claims that the short one are more suited for wide calf's as they are quite short!!! I think I need a pair of these on my wish list!!

Click here to see Viva La Diva's Footwear size guide.