Monday, 27 February 2012

Life's Big Canvas

Jewellery is not something that I have a lot of! I have a pair of diamond earrings my boy bough me a few years ago and some Vivienne Westwood earring from the Christmas before last, but nothing else really! I go through phases with costume jewellery. I generally buy things once I have an outfit sorted! And it's normally only earrings and necklaces.

But then I discovered Life's Big Canvas and the lovely Chloe! Life's Big Canvas is based in the Bird's Yard in Leeds, which is literally a second from my work! You can find Chloe @peskychloe on twitter)

I purchased all of these necklaces online but will most definitely be going in to the shop once I am back at work!

All three necklaces are beautiful and I have had comments on all three! 

I can't wait to get paid again!



Saturday, 25 February 2012



You may have heard a few rumbles about Plus North? After much searching, and talking and phone calls, Toni and I are thrilled to announce the details of this exciting event!!

Plus North,
7th July, 2012, 1pm – 6pm
Aspire, 2 Infirmary StreetLeedsLS1 2JP

Open to members of the public and bloggers alike, Plus North is a celebration of all things Plus!! A chance for you to meet the brands, meet fellow bloggers and plus size ladies and spend an afternoon with like-minded folk, talking about the thing we love the most.....Fashion!!!

Keep checking the website for all the news, confirmation of exhibitors, activities and all thingsPlus North.

Tickets will be priced at £5 per person, this includes your delegate pack, name badge and automatic entry into our prize draw. Dependent on the level of interest and sponsorship we receive we're hoping to throw some extras in too! Tickets can be purchased via the website using paypal, if you don't have a paypal account and wish to pay by cheque or postal order, please email 

Along with stalls from plus size brands, retailers and independent retailers, there will be a catwalk show hosted by our Premier sponsors, Simply Be and much, much more.....

If you'd like to be involved, we are looking for sponsors, stall holders, models, anybody who thinks hey may be of help!!! Please email to express an interest. We will be sending out a press release for companies, and a newsletter to those of you interested in helping out as soon as possible. 

We REALLY hope you can make it, we're looking for ward to catching up with old friends and making new friends alike!!!

Toni & Becky

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Plus North Venue Hunting OOTD

Just a lil post!

This is what I wore when I met the fabulous Becky in Leeds to look at possible venues for the PlusNorth event we are organising!

I had massive issues with my tights! They kept falling down!

I took the pic in my kitchen afterwards!

Dress - Simply Be - £39
Tights, Cardi and shoes all George@Asda - all old!


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Seven Deadly Sins

I first saw a version of this post on Miss Lucy loves.... Blog and although her post is beauty related I loved the idea of it.

I have tweaked the post a little bit so its more me and a more general.

Here goes.....

Most money spent in one purchase - My beloved Ray-Ban Sunnies. I am not really one for spending loads of money on one item. Mainly because I don't stick to any one tread or style long enough. My next big splurge will be on some knee boots and a new handbag!

Do you have any love/hate relationships? - I love shoes! Any type, I'm not fussy. Flats, sandals, pumps, heels, wedges, flip flops and the list can go on! However, I HATE wearing shoes. Yes, I'm a little odd! I have odd feet! A size 6 in flats, pumps, sandals, and flip flops are perfect. Heels are a totally other kettle of fish! I tend to buy wide fit in heels and wedges, but a 6 is too big, size down you say, well a 5.5 is too small! And boots, lets not even go there!

What do you over indulge in? - This is a hard one for me! I guess I over indulge in most things and don't admit it. I have draws full of underwear  that I don't wear. A wardrobe full of clothes I don't wear. Piles of shoes, two bags full of make up etc etc. Oooooops!

What is your lazy habit? - I start things and don't finish them. I started making Jewellery, bought loads of stuff and made three chains. I started knitting a scarf and did about 10 lines. This can also be applied to the majority of my life!

What gives you confidence and makes you proud? - I am generally an out going person, but lack self confidence. I don't know what makes me confident. I am proud of my blog. It's my hobby. It gives me a release. It's not the best or biggest but I love doing it!

What or who do you lust over? - I lust over most things. I have every thing I need but always want more. Or want it to be bigger and better. I lust over OOTD posts. And I won't bored you with my 'Celeb' lusts, my blog isn't big enough!

What are you envious of? - My envy isn't for material things. I have a massive wardrobe, a nice flat, a good car, a good job, and a wonderful fella. My envy is for the thing I can't control. The one thing that should be the most precious thing in the whole world, but a small minority abuse. I won't go in to it on here. It's a whole other post!

What are your seven sins?



Thursday, 16 February 2012

Perfect Plus size Jeans Pt3

The next pair of Jeans I have to review are a pair of Wide Leg jeans from Simply Be

I have worn these jeans a few time but never had the chance to take pics and post the review of them.

When I first received the jeans and realised that they had an elasticated section in the waist band I was a bit put off as I have never worn trousers with elastication in them.


  • Excellent wide-leggage. I'll explain. I have bought wide leg jeans before and they have been tight around the thigh and super wide legged around the calf's, or they are all tents and drown every where. These jeans are not like that. They fit right all way down, from backside to ankles!
  • They go with everything! I have worn with my converse and a hoodie, wedges and a blazer and I will most definitely be wearing with sandals and vest tops when spring summer arrives!
  • They are mega comfy.
  • They wash really really well, with no colour fade or anything!
  • As they have elastication in them I found them a tad big. Especially when I had worn them a few time without washing. If I was to buy a pair of these I would size down.
  • The Belt. It just wasn't for me. I didn't like it.
I would definitely recommend these jeans. 



Monday, 13 February 2012

Adele is back!

Last night saw the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, and although overshadowed by the death of Whitney, and the worrying news that he daughter had been rushed in to hospital, the stars were out in force!

Adele, and The Foo Fighters, where the big winner on the night each winning six and five awards respectively.

Adele looked amazing in a Black Armani diamonte dress, She was also rocking new blonde locks!

Adele then changed in to a knee length spotted dress to take to the stage to sing Rolling in the Deep and collect one of her awards!

It seems as though Adele is back, and is as strong as ever before!

As I was writing this someone also posted (retweeted) a sneak peek of Adele on the cover of American Vogue.......(if it was you, let me know so I can credit the link too you!) If I have any friends in the US pleeeeeeease send me a copy!!!

Toni xxx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Everyone has a Dark Side

This is how I wish I could explain things. But words don't come this easily to me!

I hope it makes you understand me a little bit more!

Toni x

New Look Inspire

We all know the plus size range for New Look is called Inspire. But as I was looking through the website trying to find items to show you I couldn't help but feel a little bit uninspired! The pieces are just pictures. There are no models to judge fit on!

On a more positive note I found most of New Look's plus size range to fit well! I know I have to size up in Jeans, but other than that the tops and dress are generally a true size fit. I have also found in the past an 18 from the straight range comes up pretty good! Well, in last seasons Maxi's anyway!

Quilted Jacket - £22.99
Wide Fit Zebra wedges - £22.99
Rock & Roll Tee - £14.99
Block Stripe Cardi - £19.99
Polka Dot Dress - £24.99
Skinny Jeans - £19.99 - More colours available
Swallow Print Dress - £24.99

I really hope in the near future New Look starting expanding and improving their plus size range! 

What are your experiences with New Look? What do you think of the Inspire range?



Monday, 6 February 2012

THAT Dress is back!

Do you remember this?

I wanted to be Geri Halliwell when I was younger! I can't remember the amount of times I went to fancy dress parties wearing a make shift Union Jack dress. I also have an addiction to hair dye thanks to Miss Halliwell! Yep, the first time I dyed my hair I went ginger because I wanted to be like Geri! (and in all honesty, it's not hair off this colour now!)

As the Olympics are fast approaching I'm guessing that this is Next's attempt to get us all feeling more patriotic and to get us all behind team GB! (Personally, I am more excited for Euro 2012) but I absolutely love Geri's new, modern take on this dress! I won't be wearing or buying all of it but will definitely be buying some pieces for my early holiday, Supporting England at the Euros and for my trip to London to watch the Olympics in Trafalgar Square!

Prices start from £18 and is available in-store and online from March!


Friday, 3 February 2012

I think I am in love........

With Christina Hendricks!

I applaud Cosmopolitan for having a full body shoot of the curvy Christina on their March front cover! Here's to many many more curvy cover girls! (wishful thinking I know!)

The rest of the images I have had to take pictures of from the magazine as I can't find the images on the Cosmo website!

Definitely my dream girl crush!



Thursday, 2 February 2012

Valentine's Day Part 1!

Struggling to find the perfect gift for Valentine's Day? Want to receive some different from the same old bunch of supermarket flowers or last minute box of chocolates?

Then head over to Next!

This year they have lunched an app to find 'The Perfect Gift'! With the gift finder you can pick a gift for your partner or pick the perfect outfit for you romantic night out!

The gift find asks you some simply questions and as if like magic it give you a selection of gifts to choose from!

You can find the Next gift selector HERE!!!!

I also love this lil comic strip that Next have!

Much Love,



Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

A few weeks ago I was making on of my many trip to my local boots and saw that Soap and Glory cosmetics were on offer! As of Sunday (last time I went in they were still on the 3 for 2 offer!) One of the products I got was the Thick and Fast Mascara!

RRP. £10

I generally use either Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara or a Armani Eyes to Kill, both of which I love! But I kinda love the thick and fast mascara! I love the look of false eyelashes but I have yet to master the whole putting false eye lashes on skill!

I love how this mascara make my eye lashes look!
No mascara VS Thick and Fast Mascara
As you can see there is a considerable difference from my normal lashes to my lashes once the mascara has been applied.

The only thing I didn't like about the mascara is that you get an awful lot of product on the wand! I found that I didn't need reinsert the wand for both eyes! I got enough product to do both eyes!

At the moment you can get a full size Thick and Fast Mascara free with this month Elle magazine!

Have you tried this mascara? What mascara do you use?