Sunday, 21 July 2013

Day 18 - #30daychallenge

After a crazy few days with Plus North Organising, working and been in the middle of moving house I am yet again playing catch up.....

I'm not going to catch up on the posts i've missed. I am just going to pick up here, on day 18.

A Story from your Childhood!

Its only a short story, and is actually more of a memory.

My grandad died when I was very young, I was about 7, and most of my happy memories from my early childhood involve him.

The first memory I have my grandad is from when I was about 3.

I remember we were shopping at the local market and I wanted a pencil case with a keyboard on the top of it (yes my stationery addiction and randomness began at an early age). My mum said no, so I began to tantrum in the middle of the market, I am very good at having a paddy. My grandad must have taken me off to calm me down and the next thing I can remember is having a pink keyboard pencil case, as well a colouring book and felt tips. I remember my mum going mad at my gransdad and him say that he probably shouldn't tell her about the colouring book and felt tips!!

I can't believe its 20 years since he passed away...

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

#FFF - Beer Garden attir

Fatshionolgie is a blogger style challenge born out of a discussion on twitter in the hope that it would help us create exciting new content for our blogs, as well as showing that a variety of style can be rocked on a variety of body shapes.

This months theme is Beer Garden Attire... and what perfect weather we have to show this theme.

Ill admit that I wasn't in a beer garden went this photo was took, I was actually outside Panache HQ in Sheffield, But i would definitely wear this on a summers evening in the pub!!

See how happy I am in the sunshine!!! lol!!!

What I wore....

Skirt - Primark (size 20)
White Vest - Simply Be (old)
Denim Jacket - New Look Inspire

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Day 11-13 #30daychallenge


Again, I am catching up!

Soooooo, Day 11.

Describe yourself in 10 words......


Day 12

What do you miss....

I miss lots of things. One thing I think about often is missed opportunities. I often think about what might have been and what could have happened... But I need to get over it and concentrate on the future and what can happen......

But lets not dwell on this......

Day 13

A public apology...

I guess this kinda ties in with the last one.... I apologise for been miserable and constantly moaning. I apologise for wanted to be something other than what I already am!

Catch up done!
Don't forget I have an ASOS giveaway that runs until Sunday....

Monday, 15 July 2013

ASOS Give Away

Hello, you lovely people.... How are we all?

I have a little give away for you all today!

The lovely people at Appliances Online have given me a give voucher for £50 for you to spend at ASOS.

As well as a Rafflecopter thingy below, I would like you to leave comment on what you would style ME in..... I am getting a bit bored of playing safe.... So its down to you to restyle me.....

My favourite dress at the moment is this one...

And its only £19.50!!! Bargain!!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 14 July 2013


Seems like ages since I last posted an outfit of the day!

On Wednesday myself and Becky toddled over the Manchester to meet Rosie for a meeting with Simply Be and Label PR for Plus North.

It was stoooopidly hot and I didn't really dress for the occasion!

I  had decided that I wanted to wear an ASOS Curve dress that seems to have been sat in my wardrobe for ages.

I loved it as soon as I saw it on the site but waited for it to go in the sale before I bought it!

Excuse the hotel mirror photo. It was hot and sweaty and I didn't have the patient to pose for photos.

My only issue with ASOS Curve dresses is that they are a tad too long for me.. I like them to sit just above my knee.

Toni x

PS. Thank you sooooo much to everyone who nominated Plus North and me and Becky for Best Event and Best Achievement at the Plus Size Awards.... If you can spare two minutes to vote for us to win we would realllllly love you for ever!!!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Day 10 - #30daychallenge and update.

Hello lovelies....

I have to confess.... I've been a bad blogger......I have missed 4 days. Plus North and family duties called and been as slack as I am I didn't plan ahead and schedule any post in!

So I am going to pick up today on day 10!

Most embarrassing moments...

In my drinking day (I rarely drink), I probably had about 3 embarrassing moments a week. From fallen down stairs, falling up stairs and generally just been a tit.

One that stands out is a night out in Leeds when I was about 20.

In Leeds city centre there used to be some water fountains. Me, in my drunken state, decided that it would be fun to play chicken with them and see if I could make it through them with out getting wet....... I ended up getting my heel caught in a hole and unable to take my shoe off as it had an ankle strap on!

Fair to say, the fountains won, and I ended up soaked!

Happy days!!!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Day 4 - #30daychallenge

So we are in day 4 of the #30daychallenge and I have wobbled already!!!!

I missed day 3 due to been at my mums and she doesn't have the internet. And I found it really difficult to think of something that makes me uncomfortable apart from, well, life. But thst a whole other Jezza show!

Anyway, on with day 4. Today is my favourite quote. Well, its actually a song. But I love the lyrics. I love it some much I actually got part of it tattoo'd on my back.

You can all stop guessing which song it is, I'll tell you. Its 'Somewhere over the rainbow.

For me it symbolises hope. Hope that someday my issues will be gone, my mental health will be good and a number of other things.

I love the orginal from The Wizard of Oz (also my fave film). But my heart melts when I hear the Eva Cassidy version.

Toni xx

Ps. I will update this post with the other ladies links when I'm on a PC.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Day 2 #30 Day challenge

Day 2
Something that I am good at….
I’m generally not good at anything…. I get a lot of ideas of things I want to do and try, but if I can’t do it after the first attempt I give in.
The only thing I think I am good at is organising. I can’t organise myself. But work events, social things, my work desk, tasks at work etc etc, I can do with my eyes shut. In ‘life’ I have to have lists for everything otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done. EVER!
In my mind there is only two things that I am even half good at. My blog and Plus North.
Although my blog isn’t the biggest or best around, it’s something that I have stuck with and it turns two in August. I have never stuck with anything for 2 years.
And Plus North.  I get enormous satisfaction in the joy that it brings people and the knowing that without any events training me and Becky has an event that is better than some professionally organised events.
 At times I still find it difficult to believe that me and Becky managed to pull off such a successful event and have been able to do it again for this year. The support we have received from brands, bloggers and members of the public has been overwhelming. And the fact that you lovely lot have nominated us for not one, but TWO (!!!!!) awards at the Plus Size Awards in November is beyond either of our expectations.
And we will love you all even more if you vote for us!

We are nominated in Best Event and Best Achievement…..
One thing I am not good at is getting to the point……………………….. LOL!
Check out the other ladies…..

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Day One - #30 day challenge.

Day One
My life story in 250 (ish) words.
I was born in November 1985 and I have a brother and sister 3 years younger than me that are twins. My mum and dad divorced when I was 5 and he moved back to Liverpool. Until the age of 11 my mum brought me and my siblings up as a single parent. She married my stepdad 12 years ago. I hated him at first. And sometimes still do. At 19 I left home and went to work in Lanzarote as a holiday rep. I lasted 6 months and loved every minute.
I came home in the October and met my boyfriend the following May. We’ve lived together pretty much from the start and have been together for just over 7 years. We have had many happy times, with plenty more to come, as well as occasional heart break after I suffered from two miscarriages.
I don’t have many friends, but the friends I have are keepers. Me and my best friend have been friends since birth, that’s 27 years, and have never fallen out once. I have made some amazing women through blogging and know that a handful will be friends of life.
And that’s really. I’ve didn’t go to uni, I have been in the same job for 9 years and generally have a pretty quiet (boring) life! 
Toni x
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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

OOTD and 30 Day Challenge.

HIIIIIIIIIIIIII, I’m back!! I decided to have a blogging holiday! What with things getting a bit mental with Plus North (9 weeks on Saturday!!!) and trying to find a new house, I could feel myself falling in to the deep dark abyss, so took a step back!
I know that I am exceeding bad at completing challenges, but when Vicky suggested a monthly challenge with themes during the #psbloggers chat I thought I’d give it another bash.
Vicky has come up with a list of fab ideas.  So, starting tomorrow, along with my normal posts you will have something a bit different to read and maybe get to know ME a little better!
For today though, I have for you an OOTD.
I purchased this top a few weeks ago from Evans and couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not. And I wasn’t sure of it when I had it on. But I got quite a few complements on it, especially the colour of it and that it was ‘my colour’.
Yet again, I teamed it with my trust Chloe skinnies from Simply Be (best jeans ever!) and a pair of flats.

I really like how unusual the top is at the back.

I really like how unusual the top is at the back.
This is a size 22/24 and as much as I hate dual sizing, It was a really good fit. I often find the size variance in Evans can leave a lot to be desired.
What do you think? Should I wear Blue more?
Toni x