Friday, 25 May 2012

F& F A/W 12 Pt 3

The main reason for visiting London was for a preview of the new A/W range at F&F.

I won't rave on about my first time in London again or how amazing the staff at Tesco were, totes amazing by the way!

The range is once again split in to four trends

Salute, Belgravia, Neo Gothic and Heritage.

Here are my fave pieces from each range! They are alllll going on my want list once they are released!


Jacket £28

Legging - £10

Boots £19.50 - I'm in love with these!


Jumper  - £20

Shoes - £14

Skirt - £12

Neo Gothic

Top - £12

Skirt - £14

Jeans - £16


Jumper - £16

Parka - £35

Trousers - £14

Is there anything that takes your fancy?



  1. i really love the squirrel jumper i love his bushy tail! xx

  2. They have a rabbit one too! cant wait for it tot be in store! x