Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Jeans and Jumpers

''There are no jeans like designer jeans''...... Apparently designer jeans will instantly make you look taller, slimmer and feel more seductive..... If they did wouldn't we spend every penny we had on them (if they did them in plus sizes!)

In my eyes, any jeans that fit properly will make you look taller and slimmer. And anything that feels and looks good WILL make you feel more seductive and confident.

The key is finding a style of jeans that fit YOU! I am still on a mission to find the perfect pair of jeans. Next and Evans come close though. I generally buy boot cut, wide leg or flared jeans as I am larger around the chest and middle. They balance my shape and make me look more in proportion. (I wore skinny jeans once and looked like Buzz Lightyear!!!)

Plus boot cuts, flared and wide leg jeans look fab with my new craze, wedges. Below are four pairs of jeans that I can't live with out.

Evans denim boot cut jeans. £29.50

Evans light weight wide leg. £30

Next mid wash boot cut. £26

Next authentic Flares. £26

I love winter. And I love winter fashion. Partly because I love knitwear. Knitwear, whether fine knit and fitted or chunky and over sized, is a key item for any wardrobe.

During the transition between autumn and winter I often wear a chunky cardie instead of a coat. Chunky cardie's look amazing with legging and jeans, as well as over work wear.

This season seems to be all about over sized jumpers and boyfriend cardigans.
Simply be have a wide range of knitwear in various styles, colours and price. I really love this pleat sleeve cardigan. It comes in purple and black and would be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Simply Be Pleat Sleeve Cardie. £38

I purchased the next jumper, also from simply be, a few weeks ago. It is a v-neck jumper and comes in a range of colours, which makes it extremely versatile (I purchased it in olive green). The material is very soft to touch and washes extremely well. It has a slight bat-wing to the sleeves and a nice deep waist band. It also sits very well around the bust as the v-neck isn't too deep. Some of the colours are very 'worky', but the silver grey would look good with a pair of jeans and heels on a winters night out.

Simply Be V-neck Jumper. £29 

I also love this Joe Browns brown tunic jumper. I think I would wear this jumper out its so versatile. It would look good with leggings and flats as well as thick black tights and boots.
This jumper is definitely next on my wish list.

Joe Browns @ Simply Be. £46


  1. Just found you thanks to a #FF from simply be, I look like buzz lightyear in skinnies too, have to have a long tunic on to even try, I havent tried evans jeans yet. The last time I tried I was only a size 14 and being very short, the waist band came over my boobs nearly! But im a 20 now and need jeans badly so my mission is about to start again!

  2. Try the next petite range for jeans. Go up to a size 18 but the sizes generally come up bigger! ASOS do decent jeans as well!

    thanks for finding me!!