Friday, 23 September 2011

Myssindependant - Not what you think!

I was recently reading a blog entry from when I came across an article about another blog, Yes, you read it correctly,!

This blog is one of the most derogatory, disgusting and anti-fat blogs I have ever read. Myssindependant, as she calls herself, claims amongst many things, that ' Life is more fulfilling and enjoyable when it is lived THIN.' She also goes on to claim that she is a '....intelligent, accomplished, travelled and sophisticated woman.' (That part made me laugh out loud and get strange looks from the people in my office!)

As I read this article I began to get an overwhelming feeling of Déjà vu. This used to be me! As much as I despised every word I was reading I could sympathise with her feelings. I use to hate me. And if I saw anything in another person which resembled me, whether looks or personality, I hated them too. There was a time when I too thought that the only way to happiness was to be thin and beautiful. I wanted the attention that my 'thin' friends got from men. I wanted a boyfriend not a one-night-stand. I wanted to be able to wear the nice clothes that they wore. I wanted not to care about what other people thought of me. Looking back now I can't believe the person that I left behind was as bitter and sad and lonely as Myssindependant. My heart actually bleeds for her.

I know many people will be angry and upset with the comments that she has made. But this girl needs help. She is one of us. Yes, she is plus sized too!!! She needs to be shown that the only way that she is ever going to be loved for who she is, is by learning to love herself. I don't know know why Myssindependant feels this way. Maybe she had a unhappy childhood? Maybe a bad relationship? Maybe she is just depressed and needs to talk to some one? Maybe she just wants the attention that this will give her. As with anything, this girls needs to want to be helped before she can change. I really wish i could help her!

I can't tell you what changed in me, because I honestly don't know. I woke up one day and decided that enough was enough. I was tired of been miserable. I was tired of been treated like a piece of shit (pardon my french!).  I was begining to lose my friends and people that I had known all my life started avoiding me... I was in an extemerly dark place. I wanted to end it all. I wanted to disappear. Fortunately I had one friend who has stuck my by through everything! My best friend is my world. I honestly don't know what I would do with out her. (Sorry, I get easily side tracked!)

I hope that one day Myssindependant is happy. I hope that one day she'll realise the only way people will treat her respect she deserves is to show that repect to herself first. I realise that this proberly won't happen, but I will pray for her tonight whoever and where ever she is. And as my mum says, 'some people just arn't happy unless they are miserable'.

T x

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