Monday, 16 April 2012

Coachella Style

Held at the Empire Polo club in California Coachella is the US equivalent to Glastonbury.

Celeb styles from the first weekend where hot in the press over the weekend. Here are two of my favourite outfits and my versions of how I would wear them.

Vanessa Hudgens
1. Taillissime Cotton dress. £45. One Stop
2. Metallic Thigh Stockings. $12.50. We love
3.Paul's Boutique Gracie bag. £66. Bank/
 4. Joe Browns Cowboy Hat. £19.
5.Hunter Shoreditch Wellies. £118.

 Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas
1. Large Floppy Hat. £15.
2. Maxi Cotton dress. £32.
3.Waterfall Cardi. £23.
4.Paul's Boutique Gracie Bag. £66.
5. Plaited Belt. £13.30.
6.Love Label Boots. £50.

How would you interpret these styles?



  1. What a good idea!

    I never 'got' festival chic, I always just wore either a skirt and a tee, or jeans and a tee! Not a fan of this wearing white malarky!


    1. In all honesty if I had to pick one of these outfits I would choose the Vanessa Hodgens one. I would love to wear white but I ridiculously pale and stupidly messy! I would be able to war it for 10 minutes tops!

      But Fergie looks amazing! she is hot! x

  2. Great post! I'm going to Leeds Festival this year and I'll defiantly be wearing something like Vanessa.

    1. Would love to go to Leeds fest. Ive done Glastonbury and would never go to something so far away again!

      I can come home and get showered if I go to Leeds!

      Vanessa looks amazing and her style can be worn in loads of different aways!

      T x