Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OOTD - Every little helps....GIVEAWAY!

Quick OOTD.

The full outfit, apart from the shoes, is from Clothing at Tesco. I am still having a love affair with Supermarket fashion.

I was lucky enough to be given a voucher to spend on the new True range. I originally bought another top, but swapped it for this one.

I know its not the best picture but the top has tiny little bows on it, it sooooo cute!

And the black skinnies are still available on line! Just a quick note on the jeans, after a few hours they became a bit loose on the backside. If I buy another pair, I will definitely try sizing down!

Jeans - £14
Top - £12
Shoes - £12

The lovely people at CLothing at Tesco have also give me a £25 voucher to give away to one lucky reader.

Just follow the instructions below to be entered. 

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  1. Lovely to see your face back again!

    K x

  2. I love that top:) are the jeans super long I always find because I'm short bottoms are a nightmare! Xx

  3. So nice to see you back, don't leave us again :)! The outfit is cute, I love the jeans!


  4. haven't tried out many supermarket clothes, but I will now those jeans are a bargain

  5. oooo lovely top, i have looked at this a couple of times but couldn't make my mind up about it, it looks really cute on


  6. This outfit is gorgeous on you! And I love supermarket fashion too xx

  7. I buy most of my day to day stuff from supermarkets now. So reasonably priced and on trend :)

  8. Love supermarket fashion too x

  9. Ooh, love the top! The supermarkets have really upped their game with their ranges recently x

  10. lovely top! Thanks for the heads up on the jeans - I'm short and normally all jeans are too long!

  11. I'm loving the top and you suit it too xx

  12. Seriously love your top, i have a bit of a thing for bow prints! Thanks for a great giveaway!

    Katy x