Friday, 28 September 2012

The Big Boot Challenge - Simply Be


We finally foot boots for all use 20 inch calf girls!!!

The Big Boot Challenge is here!! Over the next few month, Myself and Becky (MrsBeBe) will (hopefully), be review a host of boots for the bigger calved amongst us.

The first pair of boots is from the amazing Simply Be. They have once again listen to customer feedback and have brought us the Super Curvy Calf (I like how it's not called the ultra ultra ultra extra ultra wide calf boot). Boasting calf widths up to 540mm (size dependant) they are THEE most generous calf fitting boots available to buy. 

Myself and Becky ended up picking the same boots to review. 

When I picked these boots, I was still a bit unsure that they would fit as the size guides hadn't gone online.....BUT THEY DID!

I honestly cant tell you how excite I was when I tried them on!

The first time I wore them, they rubbed a little on the back of one of my heels, but apart from that they are super super super lush and I have worn them almost every day since.

I am definitely going to get another pair of the super curvy boots, although I might get a size bigger so I can wear them with skinny jeans!

I asked the lovely Charlotte at Simply Be if there was any plans to expand the range and she informed me that it was sales dependant. So I urge you all to go and buy a pair!

If you need to check you correct calf and foot width you can do here, although to get the super curvy sizes you need to click on the size guide at the side when purchasing.

Now what are you waiting for.....go hence and buy!!!!!!

Toni x


  1. I've sold 7 pairs of these boots today! They're amazing :)

    Just Smile.

  2. these boots are fab, i really struggle with boots.

    sadly these are way out of my price range but i do love them

    1. They are expensive but compared to Duo boots they are a steal! X

  3. Hi Toni, love the boots, look very good on you. We've just featured some boots from a local shop called Modish in our latest photo shoot for this Autumns new plus size collections on Vida Moda and next year we are going to be looking for wider fitting boots. Careful choice of style can help as some boots do have flexible widths.

  4. Really gorgeous boots...definitely going to go and have a nosy at the website as I also struggle with getting boots like that to might have just sold a pair to me maybe! ;p

  5. Those super wide calf boots just make that outfit! Definitely a lucky find. I remember that song, too. How 'bout Streets of Laredo?