Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Going out????

I have a problem.

I literally have no going out clothes! 

Since I don't go out very often and generally only wear work clothes (yes, I'm a slave to my horrible job!)  I am at a dead end of what I should buy. I love dresses, but equally love skinny jeans and statement tops. 

In the next six weeks I have my boyfriends 30th, my birthday, a christening and a few other dates.

So steel me what you think about this outfit! 

Dress - Excite Clothing
Biker Jacket - Simply Be
Black shoes - Evans

I would also wear a pair of thick black tights with it.

What do you think?

Toni x


  1. Thank would be a great outfit. My Excite dress is one of my favorites xx

  2. It's a lovely outfit babe, size up on the excite dress, it's really small fitting x x

  3. This will look gorgeous. Really cute dress and a rocky edge from the biker jacket. If you get it make sure to post a pic! :)



  4. Perfect outfit! I have two similar dresses from AX Paris and I love the interesting shape and fit. They really enhance curves in the best way, and I'm sure you'll be getting compliments on it all night!

  5. I think that will look gorgeous. I love the jacket. x