Monday, 29 October 2012

Plus sized clothing from

OK! I'll be totally honest with you. Bonmarche isn't a shop I would generally visit, but some of the plus size clothing from may suprise you.

 Some of the items are a little mature for me and don't really suit my my tastes. However, I have found a few few hidden gems.

Tankini bottoms - £3.50 (sale)

Tankini top - £6 (sale)

I was really surprised by the swimwear range, and the whole holiday range in general. For plus sized swimwear, the prices are excellent. I will definitely have to remember to check them out for my next years holiday!

Faux wool Coat - £45

Sequin neck jumper - £25
David Emanuel Leopard print dress - £30

Bon Marche have some really nice items. I was pleasantly surprised.  My favourite is definitely the sequin jumper and the Adele style coat.

The size range is amazing! Starting at a size 10 and with most items going up to a size 26, and some up to a size 32.

Yes, its a bit mother of the bridey, and the range could be massively updated, but for the time being, there is definitely some really good items.

I really hope that the interest in bloggers means they want to improve the range.

Toni x

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