Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Big Boot Challenge pt 2 - Yours Clothing

So here we are again and I have another pair of boots that fit my fat calf's!

These boots are from the lovely Yours Clothing.

The boots retail at £79 and are available in a XL and XXL calf.

Before I received them I was a bit sceptical as the size guide states that the XXL boots fit up to a 462mm.

As you can see from the picture, the boots have a buckle around the calf. As my calfs are bigger than the stated size, I found them restricted and swiftly removed them! (Yes , I took a pair of scissors to them!)

The boots themselves where really comfy. The leather is really soft and the elastic in them is really strong. I Would even go as far to say that you could get another few cm out of them.

The only down side I found is that they fell down a bit and got a bit baggy around the ankles. But I can live with that! 

You can find out what Becky thought of her boots by clicking on her name.

Is there any boots that you can suggest we try for our challenge?

Until next time,

                          Toni x


  1. thanks so much for doing this boot challenge! I am bloglovin and gfc you. Did you have a blog sale up? I cant find it xxx

  2. Awesome boots.