Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I have started to write this post a million time but just can't seem to get across what I want to say. Most of what I would like to say has already been said. I still have a few burning questions, which are unlikely to ever get any answered, and I would love to know what happened to my fave celeb (not) Gemma Collins!!!

The venue was unsuitable, the staff were rude and unhelpful, the market place was cramped, there was no social area, no refreshments, the ladies toilets where actually the gents, and no thought what so ever had been given the people who ultimately lined the organisers pockets! 

I do have to take my hat off to the organisers though for the amount of press activity they managed to stir up. And for the discussion panel, which was the best part of the day, even with the dodgy acoustics, and even for the first part of the fashion show. I lost interest after 40 mins. And I would like to thank them for introducing me to some fab new brands. 

I firmly believe in second chances, and hope the event is on next year. But please, please, please, listen to the people you are charging £45 a ticket when they give you criticism. And stop thinking amount the money you can make!!!!

I didn't take many photos during the day but did manage to get one with Jessica Kane. Yes, I got a bit fan girlie, but I still managed to give her a Plus North business card!!! And to my utter surprise and delight she said she knew all about our event! Our little Plus North managed to get all the way to the states!!!!

I wore the Galatic printed cut out dress, which was kindly gifted to me from Simply Be. I got my normal size 22, but it was a tag bit and reckon I could of easily fit in a size 20. But I loved the dress and actually got loads of compliments in it.

Toni x


  1. You looked lovely! :) Shame the day wasn't 100% great, hope you had fun anyway xxx

    1. AW thanks lovely...I still enjoyed myself, but it was the bloggers and people I met that made the day! C