Thursday, 31 January 2013

OOTD - Papillon

A few weeks ago myself and Becky were lucky enough to be invited to Simply Be HQ to discuss Plus North. Whilst there we meet the lovely Jess from Label PR.

Once we had discussed Plus North Jess asked if we would like to review anything from the new Simply Be range.

One of the items that I really liked was the Butterfly Skater dress.

Normally I avoid skater dress as they done suit me. But I really like this one. And it has pockets!!!

I wore the dress with an oversized Cardi and tights.

Has anything caught your eye from the new Simply Be range?


  1. I love it! Suits your shape really well.
    Looks like something i could wear without making myself look pregnant too. I have a massive belly and small boobs.

    btw, found your blog via @MrsBeBe_ Good stuff.

    Jules aka Flabbyface

  2. Thank you!! Becky's blog is fab!

    I have started following you blog too now! X

    1. Thank you for your great tips/reply on my blog post Toni. I'm thinking my holiday spending budget needs a rethink now, haha.
      I ordered those items before i saw the dress you're wearing. I would have added that to my order too but i must be strong and focused on holiday clothes and nothing else. My lack of willpower might not last long.

      I'm only just discovering blogs with woman who just so happen shop in plus sized shops. Really makes me happy to know i'm not alone.

      And thanks for following my blog. x

      Jules x