Friday, 7 October 2011

Red Carpet favourites this week!

Cheryl Cole wears Victoria Beckham
This dress is absolutely stunning. Cheryl looks super glamorous, happy and more relaxed than we have seen her in a long time, in this Victoria Beckham design. The colour of the dress is perfect for Cheryl's skin tone and blond hair. I do get the feeling that I will never be able to wear any of Posh's pieces though, because, lets face it, I will never be able afford anything in her range, and I would need to sew about five dress together for anything comes near to fitting me!  Click here to see Victoria Beckham's AW 11 range.

Kimberly Walsh wears TruBlue

Cheryl's band mate Kimberly Walsh wore a black lace maxi by TruGirl.  I have one word for this dress, AMAZING! I would actually do anything for this dress. However, I think I can say with some degree of certainty that they won't make my size. I might have to try and work wonders with a maxi dress pattern and a sewing machine to see what I come up with! Here is a look at TruGirls range.

Emma Bunton looked immaculate, as usual, in Dolce and Gabbana. 

Emma Bunton wears  Dolce and Gabbana
Tulisa wears Vivienne Westwood

How beautiful does Tulisa look in Vivienne Westwood? Tulisa is fast becoming my favourite celebrity. She seems like a down to earth, say it how it is kinda girl, which I like. And I want her to be my friend!!!

Jessie J also looked stunning wearing Julian McDonald at the Mobo's.

Jessie J wears Julian McDoanld


  1. Kimberly walsh and Jessie J are my favourites but i love a black maxi :)

  2. Me too....Kimberly Walsh is stunning in most things but I actually love this dress! I am going to give it a good go at making a replica....