Wednesday, 19 October 2011


OK I'll be honest. I tend to stick to colours that I know suit me. I love natural earthy colours and I love back. I wear something black to work every day. Whether it is a cardie, trousers, tights or a top. I feel good in black. I have occasional days when I moan to my boyfriend that I am feed up of wearing black and buy something in a different colour and then it lives in my wardrobe for the rest of eternity! However, I have seen some lovely pieces that I really want. Especially as its coming up to my birthday and Christmas and I'll be going more nights out in November and December then I have done in the whole of the rest of the year.

Evans £29.50

Simply Be £47

Evans £39.50
I love these Shoes from Next. They come in black and red in standard and wide fit. For £30 they are an absolute bargain. Next wide fit shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  

If, like me, all out colour is too much adding coloured accessories is definately a must.

Evans £6 available in a range of colours £3.75 hand knitted scarf from £18

These scarfs look lush! I can't wait to get paid so I can buy one! I am going to get the bright Pink one. Delivery can take up to 4 weeks but they hand made so I can cope with waiting that long. Below are the colours that are available. They start at £18 and increase in price depending on the length of scarf you want.
Colours available

See you soon  xxxx

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  1. lol I do that too! I really must branch out and stop buying things in pink! ;)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset