Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I have an addiction to boots. Well, to footwear in general, but boots are by favourite type of footwear. Over the years I have struggled to find boots to fit my man sized calf's and always ended up disappointed that all my friends could wear  lovely boots and I wasn't able to :-(

Nowadays, its much easier for us 'wide calf' girls to find decent, fashionable boots in varying calf and width fittings. The most obvious choice for wide fitting boots is Evans. In the past I found that the fitting of Evans boots wasn't every good, but over that last couple of years this has drastically improved. As well as having a good fit I find the quality of Evans boots is exceptional.

Here are my favourite boots at Evans at the moment

Available in Brown and Black and in Extra wide (EEE) fit. £79.50



Available in Black and Tan and in extra wide (EEE) fit. £89.50
Click here to see Evans Footwear size guide.

Next also have a good range of boots. They accommodate standard, wide and extra wide calf's.  Next also do a good range of wide fitting shoes. I do tend to find that if I buy Next wide fit shoes I have to get a size smaller, size 5 instead of size 6. I also find that the next range is more fashionable. They also have a lot more choice of 'going out' boots.

available in Tan, brown and Black and standard, wide and extra wide fitting. £85



 Click here to see Next's footwear size guide

Now to Viva La Diva. If you didn't know Viva La Diva is a partner company to Simply Be. Viva La Diva have some amazing shoes (and handbags). They hold a lot of designer brands from Ugg's to Rocket Dogs to WedgeWelly. Some brands are ridiculous expensive for what you are paying for and some are very reasonably priced. The range of wide calf boots isn't very extensive, and some of the boots are very old ladyish. My previous purchases from Viva La Diva have included ankle boots or shoes, but i have managed to find some wider calf boots.

Legroom Boots available in Standard, wide (E) and Extra wide (EEE). £85

Rocket Dog cowboy style boots. £54.99

Ugg Clovis. £200

Wedgewellys. LOVE THEM. The circumference around the calf goes up to 15inch, with an adjustable strap, but have managed to get my 17inch calf's in to them. I also love that these wellies are so glamorous. I hate with a passion the multicoloured, patterned, love heart print wellies!!! These are definitely wellies to go 'glamping' in!
Wedgewelly. £45
I also love the short Hunter wellies. And as I love pink they are perfect for me. I don't own a pair of Hunters at the moment but my sister does. She has both standard and short length. She told me that the standard wellies don't have a very big calf circumference but they are uber comfortable. The claims that the short one are more suited for wide calf's as they are quite short!!! I think I need a pair of these on my wish list!!

Click here to see Viva La Diva's Footwear size guide.


  1. The 1st and 3rd next boots are gorgeous, and I love the Rocket dogs as I have a slight addiction to them in general anyway :) x

  2. I love boots too, not so bothered about shoes but could try on boots all day! I bought some from Evans last year and dug them out last weekend, forgot how much I enjoyed wearing them. I guess the only downside was that the zip toggles were very cheap and both snapped making them very hard to fasten, so my best boot buying advice when it comes to evans is check how sturdy the zips are!

  3. Boots have to be my favorite part of fall!! Loving all the styles you have up, especially those wedges, they are sooo cute!!


  4. I ordered an amaaaazing pair of boots that were delivered while I was on vacation. They're tall, brown riding boots from Bakers, on sale for $80. I'm in love!