Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I hate the term New Years Resolution's. Instead this year I am calling them goals.

And I have set myself a few for the coming year...

1. GET HEALTHY! - I admit I am the most unfit person I know. I am also quite (very!) Lazy. But I want to start fitness, or some form of class to combat that.  I won't go to the gym as I find it dull and lack luster. My first point of call will be a Zumba class. I have a sports bra to hand....I just need to buy everything you need to work out in!

2. Pass my driving test - I've failed my test twice but I am determined to pass this year. I live quite far from my mum and even further from my sister and nephew and have to rely on the boy to drive me where I want to go.

3. Blog blog blog - I blogged every day for 23 days and loved it. I liked that not all the posts were fashion related and you maybe got to see the real me. I am going to try and post two outfit posts a week and a weekly round up kinda thing this year.

4. Get out more - I am a creature of comfort. I love nothing more than cosy nights in and snuggling in front of the TV. I turning night outs down because I don't like the unfamiliar and the crowds but I miss my friends and socialising.

5. Capture the moment - Santa very kindly bought me a new camera for Xmas. I love photography and the emotions and memories you capture in photo. I want to take a picture everyday and then at the end of the year make them in to a scrap book. I might share them on my blog but I'm not sure yet.

Do you have any goals for the coming year? 

Toni x


  1. Thay are great resoloutions :] I've just got a years worth of photos printed and it's amazing looking back :] xx