Monday, 21 January 2013

Friday drinky poos!

On Friday I paid a visit to my Bestie. She has had a bit of a shitty 6 month so I took her out for tea to cheer her up a bit!

Unfortunately the snow put a bit of a downer on things as we live quite far away and had to think about getting home.

Saying that though, we had a fab time!

I went straight from work and kept my 'dress down' wears on!

I had an episode of missing my boot cut jeans, so was over the moon when I found these at the clothes swap. They are my comfy clothes item. 

As you can see, I so eloquently took my photo in the toilets of the pub we had tea in!

Cardigan - George at Asda
Jeans - Clothes swap
Top - New look inspire
Boots - Evans

Toni x


  1. If i could get jeans that fit me well then i might wear then but i seem to be in dress mode and i love it aloth it can get a little chilly! Lol i had that top! Still loving your hair! :)

    1. Thank you! I go through phases with jeans....I got the top off eBay!!!