Saturday, 23 March 2013

Barratts shoes Review

The lovely Kieron from Barratts shoes recently asked on twitter if anyone would be interested in reviewing some shoes from Barratts. Having the love affair I do with shoes I jumped at the chance.

After choosing a pair of Chelsea boots, I eagerly waiting their delivery. As soon as they arrived I feel in love. However, my horrid fat feet didn't like them. They were too narrow. I had managed to get my feel on them but they looked stupid and felt too tight! 

I contacted Kieron and advised him that I needed to exchange them. He advised me that I could exchange in store. So after work on Friday I went for I nosy.

The Barratts in Leeds is pretty small and I didn't have much choice but I finally chose 2 pairs of flats that I love!

They are both uber comfy and will look great with jeans, trousers and dresses alike! 

The first pair are patent with larger studs. I wore them for a few hours and they rubbed slightly but not enough to put me off wearing them again.
l,!:-) ':-) :-) ' '

These are my favourite pair. They are literally like slippers. They have small studs and come in different colours. I will be going back at the end of the month!

I'll be honest, Barratts isn't somewhere I shop often, I always thought that they were over priced, but if you get Barratts own they are very reasonable.

What do you think? Do you shop at Barratts?


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