Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Simply Be - Plus North Spotlight Post

The second part of our Plus North countdown is highlighting Simply Be.

As we all know Simply Be is one of our biggest supporters, and as Becky has already said, without their support last year Plus North might not be the event it is now!

Simply Be are one of, if not, my favourite plus size brand. As well as basics, Simply Be always have on trend fashionable items. In the last few 18 months Simply Be have also gone that one step further and started opening store on the High St. With more to open in the next six months, I think we can safely say Simply Be are here to stay! and providing they keep churning out amazing items, I am sure to be a customer with them!

For the spotlight blog we were each sent this amazing denim style shirt. I adore very thing that is Western at the moment (Can't wait for Nashville Season two!!) and I am sure I wouldn't be out of place in Nashville wearing this dress!

I wore it simply with a pair of tights and tan brogues. This dress could seriously be styled in a million ways.. for me all I need is a pair of cowboy boots and a oversized cardi this would be my perfect outfit.... However, this dress will have be forever hung in my wardrobe.... let me explain!!

When I received the dress I quickly tried it on and thought to myself.... oooo, this is a bit generous.... and it never thought about it again until I was taking the photos....

Sadly I was sent the dress in a size 30 and didn't realise until I took the dress off and checking the size. For a perfect fit I would have needed a 22 or 24...

Maybe when the sale is on I might might it in my correct size.

Dont forget to check out how the other ladies wore their dress!

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