Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Do you have #BoPo??

When I started blogging I wasn't in a very good place confidence wise. I wanted, and needed, to feel better about myself. I became part of the 'plus size' community long before I started blogging and seeing photos of clothes on women I could relate to really opened my eyes. Still to this day I search blogs of someone the same size as me before I make a purchase to try and get an idea of how something will look on me.

Then I was introduced to BeauCoo. A body confidence site for every women.

Over the last few few years my body confidence has no doubt grown, and all though I am still not 100% happy with my body, and as the founder Victoria says, its about feeling good about yourself at the moment you are at now, sites like BeauCoo definitely make it easier to gain more #BoPo as well as gaining style ideas at the same time.

BeauCoo is a website/App that allows you to search for people of your shape and height to get an idea of what a certain item of clothing will look on your body shape. There is no restriction to the size you have to be on join BeauCoo, it really is just about every women gaining body confidence through the seeing other fabulous women embracing their shape and size.

By simply entering your measurement you can find other women with the same measurements as you.  So the the sizes, either end of the scale, are a little light on the the ground, but as this site grows, I am sure the fit matches will too!

Over the last month or so I have definitely seen an increase in UK users and blogger that I am familiar to sign up and use BeauCoo, so I took the plunge and signed up myself! You can follow me here or by finding the link to the right hand side!!!!

I have also found some familiar faces.....

As with all new sites, I do have some issues with BeauCoo. You can't upload from your blog or computer via the desktop site, you can't add friends or login with twitter and I can't see if my blog is linked to my profile. But I am sure all these issues will be resolved overtime.

BeauCoo is available on both Android and iTunes as well as a desktop site!

If you are already a #BoPo member send me your link. If not, why not join?

Toni x

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