Friday, 20 January 2012

Holiday 2012

If you follow me on twitter you will no doubt have noticed that I am not in a very good place at the moment. I have been signed off work with Stress and exhaustion. I have suffered with mental illness since  I was about 15 and have been on and off medication ever since. I have no idea what my 'triggers' are, but recently I can't sleep properly and am generally a horrid person to be around! All my days seem to be bad and at the moment can't see any light. I have upped my meds so hopefully will be more like 'me' again soon!

One thing that is keeping me going is my holiday! 15 weeks today I will be in the Turkish sun, with my bestest friend in the whole world without a care in the world! The boy won't fly so I generally ending going on holidays with family or friends. I think it also does us both good to have a bit of away time from each other, absence makes the heart go fonder and all that!

I have been to Turkey a number of time, I think this my 5th or 6th visit, and to be honest, I can't think of a more beautiful, serene, idilic country to visit. I try and vary the countries that I visit, I even worked on the Canary Islands for a winter season, but I am always pulled back to Turkey!

Babada─č Mountain, Hisaronu, Fethiye

I generally visit the area of Hisaronu. Its located on the Aegean Coast and some of the scenery is literally breath taking. Hisaronu has a bit of something for everyone. It can be peaceful, relaxing and quite, or upbeat and vibrant with loads of bars and restaurants. Its is also a shoppers paradise! I know a lot of people don't like fakes, but the quality of some items are amazing! You must be prepared to barter though. If you don't you will most definitely get ripped of! 

This year I am  going to the more lively resort of Marmaris. I have never been to Marmaris and to be honest i'm kinda scared! The last thing I want on my holidays is groups full of pissed up teenagers! 

The hotel is off the main strip so it should be relatively quite!

I am staying at the Green Nature Resort and Spa, and from the reviews I have read and people who I know that have stayed here it's amazing! Although it varies from site to site this hotel is generally classed as a 4*! I can't wait!

Are you going on holiday anywhere this year? Have you been to Turkey? Did you like it?




  1. I've no holidays planned at all this year....boohiss! I've never been to Turkey, but my mum has been probably about as many times as you have, I think its one of those places that does draw people back to it!

    I'll just keep dreaming of going to italy in the meantime instead of actually going anywhere!

    1. Its definitely one of those places that once you have been to you will go back again! Loads of people I know slag it off but I don't care I love it! I am a bit of a history buff too and love the history and sights that are there! Next on my list is Istanbul!

      I would love to go to Italy tho! Milan looks like the place dreams are made!!!!

      Toni x

  2. Hopefully this is just what you need! We are going to Butlins with the little one. We went last year and while it wasn't muh of a break for us she had a brilliant time and it was just nice to do stuff as a family. W stay in the hotel too so no cooking for me! Lol. xXx