Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Perfect Plus Size Jeans Part 2

The second pair of jeans I have to review is from the fabulous Simply Be!

When I approached Simply Be I was pretty open to the type of jeans I was looking for. The first pair that I received were the Eve bootcut jeans in vintage blue.

Eve Bootcut Jeans £35


  • Excellent fit around the waist with no gaping.
  • Perfect length for wearing with flats (these are the 29inch leg). I am just over 5'1 and once I had my flats on they were about 2cm off the ground.
  • The material is quite stretchy and not as thick as some denim.
  • They wash really well. There was no 'working them in' when I put them back on after being washed.
  • They are Über comfy!

  • Baggy bum!!!!! I was seriously glad that I was wearing a long jumper with these jeans! I ended up having to roll them up at the waist.
  • I wouldn't be able to wear this length jeans with heels or wedges.
  • I had blue/black legs from the dye after the first wear!!!

For £35 these jeans are a wardrobe staple! I can live with the fact that the only down fall is a baggy bum (I will just have to remember to wear longer tops!) I will definitely be purchasing these Jeans in a longer length so I can wear them with heels.

Definitely a 8 out of 10! 




  1. Real shame about the saggy bum, this is always an issue for me, just because of the shape of mine, never found jeans I don't need a belt with. xx but the look nice on the legs. x

    1. They fit really well on the leg! I hate belts so glad I didn't need one! Think these are long jumper jeans!

  2. They look great on the legs and I personally have had to learn that unless I buy proper skinny leg jeans I will always have saggy bum jens lol. I seem to store weight everwhere just not on my bum - its like i'm missing one! XXX

  3. Agreed! My finding good fitting skinny jeans is hard!