Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My reasons for entering

OK. Short and sweet! I have entered the Company Magazines Casting call for River Island as I am fed up of magazines presuming that only readers up to a size 18 want to enter modelling competitions!

Why not do a casting call for some where like Dorothy Perkins, or Next or even Monsoon! As least some of us plus size ladies can buy clothes that fit from these retailers.

What annoys me even more is that Company Magazine have stated that if someone over a size 18 gets on the shortlist they will FIND something for them to wear! Which obviously means something that is supposed to be loose or baggy for a 'normal' size person! Jumpers and leggings anyone?!?!?!?

I am under no grand illusions that I will be on the short list, some of the plus sizes girls that have entered are absolutely stunning! But it would be nice if we were actually considered for a change! To be honest If it was for somewhere where I could buy clothes from I wouldn't enter any way because an in-between posing as a 'plus size' model, regardless of beauty, will always win!

So here's the call out to ALL, please vote for use!

It would be absolutely amazing if at least one of us plus sizers can get to the short list!

The links are below

Em (BoomBands) I highly recommend you read this post!!

Rosie (rosieroundface)

Kathryn (Kathroooon)

Mhairi (Lilybobomb)



And finally MEEEEEE, Toni (plussized22)

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