Monday, 9 January 2012

The Perfect Plus Size Jeans Part 1

If you follow me on twitter you will have no doubt seen my tweets about finding the perfect pair of plus size jeans!

I have struggled with years for jeans. They just never seem to fit, well, perfect!

I love, and wear all, styles of jeans. I tend to stick to boyfriend and skinnies for casual wear with boots (Uggs) or flats, and wear flared/boot cut/wide legged jeans to dress up and wear wedges or heels with!

my must for jeans include

  • The correct rise - not high waisted, not low rise, but just in-between! I do not want a builders bum and if i wanted high waisted jeans I would buy them!
  • Fitted in the right places - Baggy bums are for loose fit or boyfriend jeans not skinnys.
  • Waist - One of my pet hates is gaping jeans. I have even used safety pins to pull my jeans in to stop them gaping at the back.
  • Length - been a short arse i find length of jeans difficult to fathom! I am just over 5'1, but find that petite jeans are generally too short, but I also find most regular jeans are too long! And I hate the shorten jeans, they just don't look right!
The first pair of jeans I have to review is the WOW Slim Leg Jeans (30ins leg) from Marisota. 

To be honest I wouldn't normally shop at Marisota, but they have some wonderful basics and, until I was contacted by Marisota, I was unaware that they were a sister company of Simply Be.

The blurb on the website

Designed to give you a perfect fit and unbelievable comfort. Special features include a non-stretch front panel to flatten your tummy, adjustable hidden elastic to pull-in your back waistband, specially shaped back pockets, yoke and darts to create a perkier looking bottom.

I once again apologise for the complete state of the picture but my camera is MIA and I can't afford a new one at present!

  • Available in a range of length. These are the 30ins leg and to wear with flats they where just about spot on.
  • No gaping at the back due to the hidden elastication in the waist band.
  • They do slightly flatten your stomach (much like hold in pants do)
  • The darts and shape of the pockets on the bum do give an appearance of being 'perkier', but they felt odd as I am not used to pockets to the side.

  • The zip kept falling down, and to say it annoyed me is a slight understatement! 
  • The sizing were slightly small. I am a pretty true to size size 22 and in all honestly could have properly done with a size bigger.
  • Once the jeans have been washed they are very stiff but once they have been on an hour or so they become looser.
  • The rise on the jeans is quite high. They actually sat on my belly button! 
  • I would say these jeans are more like skinny jeans that slim fit jeans.

Overall I liked these jeans. They are affordable (£42), look good, and wash pretty well too! I would definitely purchase another pair of these jeans in another style.

I would give these jeans a 6.5 out of 10.


PS. Would you like to see anything else mentioned in my reviews? Do you have any suggestions of what other jeans I should review?

Although I was gifted these jeans from Marisota, all opinions are my own and in no way where they influenced by any 3rd party.


  1. I like the detailing to the pocket. Much like you I too struggle with jeans so this is great to know. Thanks hun, theres really nothing better than seeing the jeans on a non model (hate the words "real woman") makes the world of difference!

  2. These look great on you :-)

    I love the review. Is the material thick like regular (non skinny) jeans? And are they a major effort to get on or relatively easy?

    I'd like to hear an update of how these wear over the course of a day. Do they get overstretched and end up baggy or falling down at the waist? I hate it when I buy clothing, think it's great when I try it on, but then it changes somehow over the course of a day's wear.

  3. they are quite thick like normal jean as they are supposted to be slim leg jeans. They are ok to get on! harder once been washed! They kept the fit well during the day!became a little loose on the bum but not majorly and they keep on the waist!

    T x

  4. O my god I'm always trying to find the perfect jeans! If you ever find them you have to let me know straight away! I'm forever struggling with the baggy bum thing on my skinnys! xx

  5. Great post! I've always had problems trying to find the perfect jeans what with me being a shortie myself, and that I have a large waist, large thighs, but small calves. Skinny jeans look horrendous on me because of my odd body shape..BUT! I love the flare jeans by WOW! which I got from Simply Be, and they have been the best ones I've worn in aaages! They fit great on the butt, and slim down my thighs and hold my tummy in, which is great, and they don't feel restricted either, which is something I don't like feeling when wearing jeans. The only problem I have, like yourself, is the zipper issue...but I tend to get that with most. Very annoying! x

  6. I'm always on a mission to find decent jeans! I'm 5"7, so you'd think I'd find it easier, but I'm more torso than leg, so I've shorter legs which are quite tonned for my shape, a maaaasive backside, and then defined waist. So what happens? Yup, baggy around my legs, often too long, and then gapping at the waist and where the bum meets leg. Its frustrating!!