Monday, 6 May 2013

#FFF - Oversized

Okay, okay, I know I am a bit late....I promise I have a good mother doesn't have the internet and I spent the weekend there!!!

The theme for this weekends post is oversized. At first thought I thought I would breeze this one. I one oversized clothing, especially tops. I had also been eyeing up this beaut from ASOS Curve.

I love the of shoulder element and presumed that If i sized up it would be oversized and fall off my shoulder even more!

I ordered a size 24 presuming I would get the look I wanted.... and to be honest I was a bit disappointed. Yes It over sized, but it doesn't fall off my should as much as I would like it too. As it a bargain at £12 I will more than likely order the 26, maybe even the 28 if it comes in that size!

What do you think? Would you size up?

Don't forget the visit Mhairi, Becky's and Rosie's blogs to see how they styled 'oversize'......

Now to prepare for the next theme............. I may need help!!!!

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