Tuesday, 6 December 2011

If thats all you have to say...

Today someone called me fat. As if I haven't heard it a million times before..... 

Unusually for me I had a very quick response.....

Person 1 : Oh I didn't realise you were fat!

Me : Well if thats the only negative thing you have to say about me I guess I am doing something right! 

The rest of my team at work just bust in to fits of laughter......It takes a lot to embarrass me!!!!



  1. It's damn rude of them, but I think fat is at least not patronising. I hate it when people use 'big boned' and similar...it's not my bones that are big, it's my fat! lol
    Good on you for keeping your cool and responding so well :-)

  2. OMG how rude but well done on the fast response. xxx

  3. Ha!! Well done you! Still bloody rude of them though!! X x

  4. At one point i would have burst in to tears and rang out of the room.... I guess I just don't care what shallow minded morons think!

  5. Right back at you girl. Last week while buying at a local store, a guy also made the same remarks at me. I swear I was about to lash at him if not for my sore throat (so thank you sore throat for ruining a potentially libelous moment).
    The odd thing about people is pointing out the bad thing in others. Well, I know I'm fat. But I also know that person to be unemployed. But did I go there and said, "Hey, I didn't know you're broke or something. Heck, I earn more than you do!?? No. I did not do that because frankly, that's not a classy thing to do. I was raised with some form of decency and tact, I guess.