Sunday, 11 December 2011

Ohhhhh George!

I must admit that Asda is one of my favourite places in the whole world! (to be honest, I love Tesco too!) I can quite happily spend hours wondering around! I have been know to spend upwards of 3 hours in my local Asda, albeit with a very frustrated boyfriend at home.

I love George! From their jeans and jumpers to bra's and sock, as well as everything in between! 

A few years ago we had an actual George shop in Leeds City Centre. I was devastated when it closed down and moved to crown point!

My latest purchases from George are two lush jumpers from the G21 range. The G21 range is somewhat more on trend compared to the normal range. G21 only go up to a size 20. The sizes are generous in tops and dresses, but i tend to stay away from the trousers skirts as they are often 'oddly' sized. 

(apologies for the pics! I took them myself on a self timer. Still getting used to it!!!)

Purple and sequinned Star jumper dress - £16

G21 star jumper - £15

They have lots and lots of yummy tops and dresses that I want.... Pay day can't come quick enough!!

Row 1. Stripy knitted jumper - G21 (£16), Playsuit - G21 (£14), Printed Dress - £14.
 Row 2. Grey Star jumper - G21 (£15), Black ponte flare dress £16

Have you bought from supermarket brands before? What did you think? Would you buy from them again?



  1. I also love asda and tesco, they have some fab bits and pieces, I want to try saisburys collection with gok too, some of it looked very pretty! love the 2 jumpers you chose! xxxx

  2. Love a good supermarket bargain!! Loving the star too honey x

  3. Those plus size clothing are really fashionable. I love the styles.

  4. I buy from Asda too, to be fair i buy from anywhere that i can but Asda holds a special place in my heart! I like sainsburys too they might not be as "cool" but last summer i got be most beautiful classic black swim suit from there . XXXX

  5. I love all the supermarket clothing ranges, same kind of cost as primark but the quality is normally so much better! I used to work at TU ( sainsburys) and some of the clothes they had in were lovely but F&F is my favourite by far :) especially when they do their £1 and under sales <3 ! xo