Monday, 22 April 2013

Fat Fabulous Four - Pastel

Due to the craziness of last weekend we decided to postpone this post until Saturday. I know, I know today is Monday, but I'm struggling a bit at the moment and wasn't sure if I was going to post this at all.

I've taken about 100 photos over the last few days of items I own that could be included in the theme of Pastel. I don't own many pastely coloured colours as them make me a bit washed out.

I finally settled on a pastel green top that I purchased from Simply Be months ago!

(Yes, even after taking a stoooopid amount of photos oon my camera, I settled with one taken in a supermarket toilet!!!!)

What I wore....

T-shirt - Simply Be
Black trousers - Evans (old)
Cardigan - Curvissa
Shoes - George at Asda

Here are Becky's, Mhairi's and Rosie's posts.

I apologise for the vagueness. Motivation, desire and willingness seems to have abandoned me. If you find it, I would be grateful if you would return it!

Toni x

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