Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Learn the Fit - Panache

Last Thursday I was lucky enought o be invited to Panache HQ for a Learn the Fit session.

Run by the lovely Karen from The Big Little Bra Shop in Market Harborough, she shared her vast knowledge of all things boobs and talked us through a whole range of things, such as different shapes of boobs and bras, correct fitting points and a whole bevvy of boob related info.

Most intresting for me was how a bra should fit correctly. Although Caroline from Curvy Wordy had told me how a bra should fit correctly, it made much more sense seeing an actully fitting.

During the session, as the ranges that Panache have to offer we modelled by the stunning Heather and Lucy, this included the new Scupltress range and Cleo Swim range, as well as classic Panache bra's such as the tango and superbra.

I fell in love with approximately 99% of all the bras and swimwear we were shown.

Whilst at HQ I wanted to have a look at the new Sculptresse range. Designed especially for the fuller figure, Sculptresse has a higher central gore and more centralised starps to avoid slipping.

I really love the Bellise and Pure Lace (shown below), can cant wait for the next season stock! Ideally, I would love the see the Sculptress range with the colours and style of the Cleo range. T-shirt bras, fully padded and in a host of beautiful colours!

At the moment though I am on the hunt for the Neve and Porcelain bra!

Panache very kindly offered all attendees a set from the range as a thank you for attending, which I will be reviewing over the next few days (if I dare get my boobs our on here!)

I really enjoyed learning about Panache and how to correctly fit a bra, however, I do know have the urge to try and fit all the women I know!!!!

Have you tried Panache? Whats is your favourite bra?


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  1. I've only tried one bra,the Panache Andorra,which totally failed for me.lol.But it helped me learn some things,like that I like cups with some kind of padding/lining for the most part.I mostly had troubles with the high center gore,so later on I may try the plunge style when I want an unpadded bra.It also helped me figure out Panache's sizing.
    Right now I really want to try the Neve bra...it comes in a beautiful coral color I love and a nude,I've been looking for nude bras.It just sold out on ASOS in my size,though...am hoping it'll come back in stock or I'll have to pay an extra $10-20 to get one from another place.