Monday, 29 April 2013

Im Addicted to .............

Im addicted to eBay... My watch list constantly has a minimumof 5 items on it... From nail varnishes, clothing, bags, stationary and homewear, chances are I have bought it from eBay.

Don't get me wrong, I have sold my fair share of items too. Mainly clothing and shoes, but on the odd occasion I have sold ipods, iphones, concert tickets and sofas. I even sold my dads car on eBay a few years back.

I thought i'd share with you my most recent ebay purchases...

Fearne Cotton Brouges

I got these for the bargain price of £6.04 including postage.... They are literally stunning. I have been hankering over the patent black ones from Clarks, and after wearing these, I definately need them in my life! Just look at them!

ASOS Curve Dress

This beautiful dress cost me the costly total of £8.10. The material is silky and it fits like a dream. A full OOTD post will be coming shortly!

Panache Superbra - Evie Strapless

Guess how much I paid for this bra.... No honestly guess.......£10.19!!! I always struggle with strapless bras but whilst I was at the Panache Learn the Fit event, this bra was highly recommended...and it fits like a dream...It has one strap missing but if i want straps, I'd buy a bra with straps!!! Now all i need is some sun so i can wear strapless tops!!!

Have you had any bargains from eBay?

Toni x

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