Friday, 5 July 2013

Day 2 #30 Day challenge

Day 2
Something that I am good at….
I’m generally not good at anything…. I get a lot of ideas of things I want to do and try, but if I can’t do it after the first attempt I give in.
The only thing I think I am good at is organising. I can’t organise myself. But work events, social things, my work desk, tasks at work etc etc, I can do with my eyes shut. In ‘life’ I have to have lists for everything otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done. EVER!
In my mind there is only two things that I am even half good at. My blog and Plus North.
Although my blog isn’t the biggest or best around, it’s something that I have stuck with and it turns two in August. I have never stuck with anything for 2 years.
And Plus North.  I get enormous satisfaction in the joy that it brings people and the knowing that without any events training me and Becky has an event that is better than some professionally organised events.
 At times I still find it difficult to believe that me and Becky managed to pull off such a successful event and have been able to do it again for this year. The support we have received from brands, bloggers and members of the public has been overwhelming. And the fact that you lovely lot have nominated us for not one, but TWO (!!!!!) awards at the Plus Size Awards in November is beyond either of our expectations.
And we will love you all even more if you vote for us!

We are nominated in Best Event and Best Achievement…..
One thing I am not good at is getting to the point……………………….. LOL!
Check out the other ladies…..

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