Sunday, 7 July 2013

Day 4 - #30daychallenge

So we are in day 4 of the #30daychallenge and I have wobbled already!!!!

I missed day 3 due to been at my mums and she doesn't have the internet. And I found it really difficult to think of something that makes me uncomfortable apart from, well, life. But thst a whole other Jezza show!

Anyway, on with day 4. Today is my favourite quote. Well, its actually a song. But I love the lyrics. I love it some much I actually got part of it tattoo'd on my back.

You can all stop guessing which song it is, I'll tell you. Its 'Somewhere over the rainbow.

For me it symbolises hope. Hope that someday my issues will be gone, my mental health will be good and a number of other things.

I love the orginal from The Wizard of Oz (also my fave film). But my heart melts when I hear the Eva Cassidy version.

Toni xx

Ps. I will update this post with the other ladies links when I'm on a PC.

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