Sunday, 21 July 2013

Day 18 - #30daychallenge

After a crazy few days with Plus North Organising, working and been in the middle of moving house I am yet again playing catch up.....

I'm not going to catch up on the posts i've missed. I am just going to pick up here, on day 18.

A Story from your Childhood!

Its only a short story, and is actually more of a memory.

My grandad died when I was very young, I was about 7, and most of my happy memories from my early childhood involve him.

The first memory I have my grandad is from when I was about 3.

I remember we were shopping at the local market and I wanted a pencil case with a keyboard on the top of it (yes my stationery addiction and randomness began at an early age). My mum said no, so I began to tantrum in the middle of the market, I am very good at having a paddy. My grandad must have taken me off to calm me down and the next thing I can remember is having a pink keyboard pencil case, as well a colouring book and felt tips. I remember my mum going mad at my gransdad and him say that he probably shouldn't tell her about the colouring book and felt tips!!

I can't believe its 20 years since he passed away...

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