Wednesday, 3 July 2013

OOTD and 30 Day Challenge.

HIIIIIIIIIIIIII, I’m back!! I decided to have a blogging holiday! What with things getting a bit mental with Plus North (9 weeks on Saturday!!!) and trying to find a new house, I could feel myself falling in to the deep dark abyss, so took a step back!
I know that I am exceeding bad at completing challenges, but when Vicky suggested a monthly challenge with themes during the #psbloggers chat I thought I’d give it another bash.
Vicky has come up with a list of fab ideas.  So, starting tomorrow, along with my normal posts you will have something a bit different to read and maybe get to know ME a little better!
For today though, I have for you an OOTD.
I purchased this top a few weeks ago from Evans and couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not. And I wasn’t sure of it when I had it on. But I got quite a few complements on it, especially the colour of it and that it was ‘my colour’.
Yet again, I teamed it with my trust Chloe skinnies from Simply Be (best jeans ever!) and a pair of flats.

I really like how unusual the top is at the back.

I really like how unusual the top is at the back.
This is a size 22/24 and as much as I hate dual sizing, It was a really good fit. I often find the size variance in Evans can leave a lot to be desired.
What do you think? Should I wear Blue more?
Toni x

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