Saturday, 13 July 2013

Day 10 - #30daychallenge and update.

Hello lovelies....

I have to confess.... I've been a bad blogger......I have missed 4 days. Plus North and family duties called and been as slack as I am I didn't plan ahead and schedule any post in!

So I am going to pick up today on day 10!

Most embarrassing moments...

In my drinking day (I rarely drink), I probably had about 3 embarrassing moments a week. From fallen down stairs, falling up stairs and generally just been a tit.

One that stands out is a night out in Leeds when I was about 20.

In Leeds city centre there used to be some water fountains. Me, in my drunken state, decided that it would be fun to play chicken with them and see if I could make it through them with out getting wet....... I ended up getting my heel caught in a hole and unable to take my shoe off as it had an ankle strap on!

Fair to say, the fountains won, and I ended up soaked!

Happy days!!!

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