Friday, 3 February 2012

I think I am in love........

With Christina Hendricks!

I applaud Cosmopolitan for having a full body shoot of the curvy Christina on their March front cover! Here's to many many more curvy cover girls! (wishful thinking I know!)

The rest of the images I have had to take pictures of from the magazine as I can't find the images on the Cosmo website!

Definitely my dream girl crush!




  1. Shame that she is blatently wearing the wrong size bra though!! xxx

  2. If I can find a wrong size bra that makes the buoys look like that I would never stop looking at them! lol! You could park a bus in between mine!


  3. I'd say she was a 28 / 30 back, but she claims to be much bigger than that. xx

  4. thats looks about right! She claims to be a UK 16? I think she is much more inbetweenie! But she is still hot! x

  5. UK 16 would make her US 18 which is just unheard of in the film/tv industry unless you are playing a specificly 'fat' character! I love her look, the red hair, the boobies - just gorgeous. x