Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New Look Inspire

We all know the plus size range for New Look is called Inspire. But as I was looking through the website trying to find items to show you I couldn't help but feel a little bit uninspired! The pieces are just pictures. There are no models to judge fit on!

On a more positive note I found most of New Look's plus size range to fit well! I know I have to size up in Jeans, but other than that the tops and dress are generally a true size fit. I have also found in the past an 18 from the straight range comes up pretty good! Well, in last seasons Maxi's anyway!

Quilted Jacket - £22.99
Wide Fit Zebra wedges - £22.99
Rock & Roll Tee - £14.99
Block Stripe Cardi - £19.99
Polka Dot Dress - £24.99
Skinny Jeans - £19.99 - More colours available
Swallow Print Dress - £24.99

I really hope in the near future New Look starting expanding and improving their plus size range! 

What are your experiences with New Look? What do you think of the Inspire range?




  1. I love the inspire range generally, they are great value for money. I do find the trends a little uninspiring and would love to see them expand or develop it a bit more.

    I do have a HUGE rant about their stores though, all the ones in the north east seem to shove the Inpsire range in a corner behind some sale shoes, like being plus size is some sort of secret shame ... Drives me nuts!

    1. For basics is fab! Its the same in the Leeds tore! tiny corner right next to exit!

  2. I LOVE Inspire but i find they always have one or two bits a bit :0/ but rather that than the other way round like One Stop Plus eh? Also i wish they were a bit more forthcoming on Twitter and acknowledge when you post about them. x

  3. I looooovvvveee Inspire, I went a little crazy in them when I was visiting the UK! ;)

    I have that swallow dress too!

    1. WOuld love to see what it like on a person! are you going to do a OOTD post with with! x

  4. Generally I don't like Inspire that much, but the items that I do love I LOVE TO BITS. So I have kind of love/hate relationship going on with them. Inspire range seems to be the only one that I find coats from though, and they usually fit me perfectly, so even for that reason alone I will forever love them!

  5. I find that too! I guess until they improve the range we are stuck with them!

  6. Very lovely collections. I wanna have those plus sized clothing. That black polka dots dress looks lovely.