Thursday, 16 February 2012

Perfect Plus size Jeans Pt3

The next pair of Jeans I have to review are a pair of Wide Leg jeans from Simply Be

I have worn these jeans a few time but never had the chance to take pics and post the review of them.

When I first received the jeans and realised that they had an elasticated section in the waist band I was a bit put off as I have never worn trousers with elastication in them.


  • Excellent wide-leggage. I'll explain. I have bought wide leg jeans before and they have been tight around the thigh and super wide legged around the calf's, or they are all tents and drown every where. These jeans are not like that. They fit right all way down, from backside to ankles!
  • They go with everything! I have worn with my converse and a hoodie, wedges and a blazer and I will most definitely be wearing with sandals and vest tops when spring summer arrives!
  • They are mega comfy.
  • They wash really really well, with no colour fade or anything!
  • As they have elastication in them I found them a tad big. Especially when I had worn them a few time without washing. If I was to buy a pair of these I would size down.
  • The Belt. It just wasn't for me. I didn't like it.
I would definitely recommend these jeans. 



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