Sunday, 19 February 2012

Seven Deadly Sins

I first saw a version of this post on Miss Lucy loves.... Blog and although her post is beauty related I loved the idea of it.

I have tweaked the post a little bit so its more me and a more general.

Here goes.....

Most money spent in one purchase - My beloved Ray-Ban Sunnies. I am not really one for spending loads of money on one item. Mainly because I don't stick to any one tread or style long enough. My next big splurge will be on some knee boots and a new handbag!

Do you have any love/hate relationships? - I love shoes! Any type, I'm not fussy. Flats, sandals, pumps, heels, wedges, flip flops and the list can go on! However, I HATE wearing shoes. Yes, I'm a little odd! I have odd feet! A size 6 in flats, pumps, sandals, and flip flops are perfect. Heels are a totally other kettle of fish! I tend to buy wide fit in heels and wedges, but a 6 is too big, size down you say, well a 5.5 is too small! And boots, lets not even go there!

What do you over indulge in? - This is a hard one for me! I guess I over indulge in most things and don't admit it. I have draws full of underwear  that I don't wear. A wardrobe full of clothes I don't wear. Piles of shoes, two bags full of make up etc etc. Oooooops!

What is your lazy habit? - I start things and don't finish them. I started making Jewellery, bought loads of stuff and made three chains. I started knitting a scarf and did about 10 lines. This can also be applied to the majority of my life!

What gives you confidence and makes you proud? - I am generally an out going person, but lack self confidence. I don't know what makes me confident. I am proud of my blog. It's my hobby. It gives me a release. It's not the best or biggest but I love doing it!

What or who do you lust over? - I lust over most things. I have every thing I need but always want more. Or want it to be bigger and better. I lust over OOTD posts. And I won't bored you with my 'Celeb' lusts, my blog isn't big enough!

What are you envious of? - My envy isn't for material things. I have a massive wardrobe, a nice flat, a good car, a good job, and a wonderful fella. My envy is for the thing I can't control. The one thing that should be the most precious thing in the whole world, but a small minority abuse. I won't go in to it on here. It's a whole other post!

What are your seven sins?



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