Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day Five - A sad OOTD

So its day 5 and my first outfit post.

During the week I generally wear boring outfits as I work in a bored office. Occasionally I like to dress a bit different and wear something that's still smart but more me.

I bought this dress as part of my birthday order from Evans. On the website it looked fab and it was reduced to £20!

Evans Sienna dress - £20 (sale. No longer)
Simply Be belt - passed season
Tights - Yours Clothing
Boots - Evans - shown on previous blog
Cardigan - ASA (old)

I would like to leave this outfit post here. I loved the outfit and it  could have quite easily be a go to outfit, but this happened. If I'd ordered my normal size and it was tight, I could maybe understand it, but I'd actually sized up to a 24!

Alllll down the seam. I am so thankful I wore a cardigan with it.
I tweeted Evans but am yet to get a reply. I am so disappointed. When I got home, I swiftly got changed and took the dress to Evans in the White Rose Centre. They refused to exchange it as I bought it online. I explain that I didn't have the receipt as I bought it on line, and they flatly refused to do anything as they don't stock Sienna in store. 

I can't believe I wasted £20 on this dress! Thanks Evans!



  1. Awww what a shame. The dress looks lovely on you. Shame about the service. Hope Evans tweets you back xxx

  2. I have had a lot of Evans clothes do this. One time a blouse frayed on the arm seams (which wasn't even tight) so I exchanged it and then it frayed again in a different part. The seam allowance obviously wasn't enough for the fabric. Even my Clements cardigan (the black one with hearts on) which cost £50 earlier this year has frayed a bit from a seam and I'm having to repair it, I've hardly worn it. I am reluctant to buy from Evans in the future.

  3. Aw no :(. What a disaster. It really did look lovely on you.

    I'm presuming since you bought it online that you used a card or paypal? Get a copy of your statement to prove you spent money with Evans not so long ago. You may still be able to go to your account online and request a return for that order. (I'm not sure if there's a time limit on that). If it won't allow you to, take a screen capture of the order details. Make sure you show the statement and screen grab to whoever you contact. I think companies legally have to exchange or refund faulty goods. So whether you email them, contact them via the blog, or talk to a manager in one of their stores, just demand they sort it out or you'll take the matter higher. If not, maybe even try contacting Sienna Couture via their own website. At the end of the day, it's not your fault the quality was crap, it's theres! You shouldn't have to lose £20.

  4. Hi Toni

    I'm contacting you from Evans Head Office, sorry to hear about the problems you've had. The store were correct when they said they were unable to offer you a refund or exchange on a Sienna product, this is in line with our Returns policy, you can read the details on our site at

    However if you would like to request a refund through our online service, our customer services team should be able to help you. Simply follow the instructions at