Sunday, 9 December 2012

Day Nine - Designer needed.......

I'm not normally one to quibble about the differences between the variety of style of clothing between straight and plus size clothes, but I really wish there was a plus size high end designers.

I have spent hours pouring over web pages of clothes that don't fit me. Most of of the time I can find a plus size alternative. But occasionally I find a designer that I love and clothes that I want to wear with no plus size alternative.

Although I'll never be able to afford anything, Alexander McQueen is one of my favourite designers and I am so glad the name has continued after is sad passing.

If I could make any dress plus size, it would be this one. I would make it slightly shorter, only fitted to under the bust,have pockets and belt hoops. But this is my perfect dress! There is just something about a classic maxi that I can't resist.

If you could make one designer item your own, what would it be?

Toni xx


  1. I love Alexander McQueen, the designs from the house are often stunning.
    For me, I would quite happily commit an act of murder for a Valentino evening dress! I love the effortless chic and sophistication from Valentino...

    Kim x

  2. Alexander McQueen dresses are dreamy. :)

    I would do terrible things for one of his tartan dresses, like Emma Watson or Kate Middleton wore.

    Oh or a Meadham Kirchoff Heart Pinafore dress because I love their quirky style.

  3. tadashi shoji makes some really lovely plus dresses