Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Day Nineteen - Pinterest

I love Pinterest. Infact, I'm addicted to it.

It gives me the outlet for my creativity that my brain thinks I have. It makes me think I can be a master baker. Nail Art Technician, hairdressers, well, basically anything I want to be.

I love pictures of cute dogs and cats. Of hairstyles I want but will never be able to achieve. Outfits I will never buy, make up I will never wear, places I will never see and home decor I will never do.

It's my dreamland I suppose. It's a place where I can have all the creativity in the world and never fail at anything.

I love some of the DIY pins. I think I am going to make a note of my favourites and see if they actually work.......

The tooth whitening ones are a bit scary, actual bleach??? (I think some people have made some other them up).

Here a few of my favourite pins.....

Source: via Toni on Pinterest
Source: via Toni on Pinterest

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Toni x

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