Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day Two - Birthday boots

Tuesday saw me officially entering my late 20ies. 27 to be exact.

I was a little bummed all day as I had envised my life too be so different when I was younger. I thought I'd be married with kids and a cute little house somewhere. But instead I have no kids, and no cute little house. I have my boy, we been together seven years, and on the whole my life is pretty good, but not the one I wanted.

Any how, I'm digressing. My mum and mum in law very kindly gave me some money for my birthday.

Originally I was looking for a pair of biker boots, but stumbled across these beauties in Evans.

I loved the zip and buckle on the outside of the boots. They also have a super comfy insole.

I am not going to post any more pics I plan join wearing them as part of an outfit in the next week.

The boots are super cute, and are a very good width around the bottom of the calf. I even wore them with my skinny jeans this afternoon.

are you a fan of ankle boots?

Toni x


  1. I like the boots, they are fab. The ankle boots I bought recently have hardly left my feet since I bought them!

    1. they are not something i have really worn before. I normally go for mid calf or knee boots.. x

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, i love ankle boots have a few pairs.

    i really like these ones, did you take a picture of your full outfit? xx

    1. No, i didnt take a full outfit post as i had my scruffs oon, only got dressed to go to the shop!!!!